Car Alarm Mod 1.3


-Recompiled for new scripthook.
-More bug fixes
1. Door bug should be fixed. If door was slightly open and car locked the car became unusable.
2. Fixed engine randomly starting up when entering a car.
3. Remove weapons from players hands so it doesn't look weird with animation.
4. Fixed vehicles not locking properly sometimes.

-XInput support (Xbox Controllers now work better)
1. No more key conflicts.

-New animation
1. Multiplayer interaction menu animation.

-Default controls changed for keyboard (J now locks/unlocks vehicle)

-Animation fix (Not loading/spamming)
-Added new horn sound (Vehicle beeps taken from the vehicle interaction menu found in GTA Online)

This mod allows you to lock/unlock a car, as well as keep it persistent in the world and remote starting/stopping it. This mod also features a keyless entry option that will automatically unlock the car as you try to enter it.

1. Make sure you have the latest version ScriptHookV which can be found at;
2. Drop both the CarAlarm.asi and CarAlarm.ini files inside your main GTA V directory

Usage: (These keys can be changed)
Press the double quotation/apostrophe key to set your last used vehicle as your main vehicle. (Message on screen)
Press the J key to lock/unlock the car. (One honk/two honks)
Press and HOLD the K key to remote start/stop the car. (Three honks/One honk)

This mod also supports Xbox Controllers.
Press R3 to set your last used vehicle as your main one.
Press the down button on the D-PAD to lock/unlock the car.
Press and HOLD the right button on the D-PAD to remote start/stop the car.

The CarAlarm.ini file contains some options for you to use and are explained within the file.

If you encounter any bugs, let me know.
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