Evolved Police Response 1.2


Evolved Police Response is an immersive police mod which aims to improve the police in various different ways. It improves their behaviour and the way they act, it makes it so police now remembers who you are and makes the police a bigger challenge in general.

Main Features:
  • Overhauls police chases and makes it more challenging and realistic. (By Adding in Lethal Force, etc...)
  • Adds in player recognition systems which allows police to recognize the player after a chase has passed. (If the police saw the player during a chase of course)
  • Adds in a stolen vehicle system, which allows police to look for stolen vehicles and make you wanted based on it.
  • Adds in police patrols that happen all around Los Santos and the surrounding area. (Optional)
  • Adds in an entire new roadblock system for after you have escaped a chase. It attempts to block you in and prevent you from leaving the area. (Optional, WIP)
    And more!
  • Adds in fully functioning CCTV cameras. (Optional)
  • Adds in Rooftop Snipers like in Grand Theft Auto IV. (Optional, WIP)
  • Adds in a Martial Law System where you can make it so the Military patrols the streets instead of police officers. (Optional, WIP)
  • Adds in a way for you to choose custom loadouts for police officers, etc... on a per wanted level base. (Optional)

  • Links:
    Discord Server

    To open the configuration / settings menu, press F9.

    LemonUI (Included)

    1. Download the mod.
    2. Extract all contents to your 'scripts folder'. (If you do not have one, create one)
    3. Enjoy! (Let me know in the discord server or in the comments if you have any issues)

    Recommended Mods:
    Improved Police & Response
    Realism Dispatch Enhanced (Might be incompatible as of V4.0, not sure)

    - Completely Rewritten The Mod From Scratch
  • Memory / Data leaks Fixed
  • Massive Performance Improvements
  • Easier to add new things for future versions
  • Stacktraces added on errors (Easier to fix bugs if error sent to me)
  • Converted Most Lists to HashSets (Better performance & faster runtime)
  • Renamed Namespaces

  • - Reworked Recognition System
  • Cops now have an actual Line of Sight
  • Vehicle Recognition now works through License Plates
  • Text / Dialogue Improvements: Now sounds more police-y
  • Improved general functionality

  • - New Martial Law System
  • Replaces Cops with Military
  • Custom AI behavior

  • - New Overhauled Weapons System
  • Allows you to select new weapons for police / NOOSE / FIB / ...
  • You can select on a per-wanted-level base

  • - Updated Police Patrols System
  • AI behavior fixes
  • Now gets the correct relationshipgroup assigned
  • Infinite Blips fixes

  • - Updated Roadblocks System
  • Improved Spawning System

  • - Updated CCTV System
  • Blip Fixes

  • - Updated Rooftop Snipers System
  • HashSet Assignment Fixes

  • - User Interface
  • Bunch of new options & configurations to choose from
  • Updated LemonUI to V2.0 in the code

  • - Saving / Loading Settings
  • Now includes comments in .ini file
  • Lag fixed when trying to save settings
  • Crash Prevention Measures Added
  • Updated names in the .ini. (NOTE: All presets will have to be remade for things to work with the latest update)

  • - Updated Presets
  • Preset Crash Fixes
  • New Preset: Military Preset

  • - Numerous bug fixes
    And a lot more changes!

    - New CCTV Camera System! You can now get recognized via these cameras. (Optional)
    - New Rooftop Snipers System! After you reach x wanted levels, snipers will now spawn on rooftops! (Optional)
    - Mod Performance Improvements (Removed unused code and rewrote some of the core parts to improve performance)
    - There are now additional configurations for the mod so you can customize everything even more!
    - Updated Presets to work with V1.1
    - Police Patrols has been moved to Optional due to bugs. (Presets will have to be updated for this)
    - Numerous bug fixes. (UI Fixes, Settings Fixes, etc...)

    - Initial Release
    - Complete Recognition System
    - Cops now have the ability to recognize you. (If you were spotted / seen during a chase)
    - Cops now have the ability to recognize your vehicle. (If your vehicle was spotted / seen during a chase)
    - Cops will actively patrol the streets in order to find you. (Depending on your wanted level, the higher your wanted level, the more patrolling cops)
    - Highly customizable. (Ability to disable the system entirely, or just certain parts of it, etc...)
    - Lethal Force / Deadly Force System
    - Cops will no longer immediately open fire on you or try to kill you when you reach 'x' stars wanted level. Instead they will try to arrest you.
    - If you shoot at the police, deadly force will be immediately authorized. Meaning cops will now shoot you. (This gets automatically enabled at 3 Stars Wanted Level)
    - Can be disabled. (No other settings will be available on initial release)
    - Stolen Vehicles System
    - Once you steal a vehicle from an NPC or from a parking spot. There's a high change your vehicle will be reported as stolen. (Police will look for it)
    - Highly Customizable.
    - User Interface
    - Shows you the current status of your player. (If you have an outgoing arrest warrant, etc...)
    - Basic Tutorial System. (When you first get recognized, etc... You will receive a small tutorial pop-up to explain to you what it does)
    - Highly Customizable. (Every part of the UI can be disabled / enabled)
    - Roadblock System (Optional Config -> WIP)
    - After a chase, police will set up roadblocks to possibly 'trap' you, so police will eventually find you.
    - WIP: Numerous bugs with the system and incomplete. Possibly causes crashes.
    And much more is coming soon!
    - Patrol System
    - AI System (Makes it so all it's corresponding setttings are controlled by an AI system)
    - Highly Customizable & Many different settings
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    First Uploaded: July 21, 2023
    Last Updated: February 03, 2024
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