Home Invasion 2.0



Rob and invade the homes anyway you want: stealthy or loud and violent...or both!

Place HomeInvasion.dll and HomeInvasion.xml into your "scripts" folder. You will need the latest versions of Script Hook V and .NET Script Hook and NativeUI.

This mod lets you rob various houses and apartments like in GTA SA and GTA IV. You can invade homes anyway you want, loud or silent. Be careful though, some house residents love the 2nd Amendment and will use it against you. Houses that can be robbed will be marked on your map. I will add more house entries and different types of houses in future updates, you can add more house entries in the .XML file or wait for next version which will add modding tools which easily allow you to do the same thing. Here are the house types:

0 - Small Apt
1 - Lowend House
2- Beach Apt
3 - Midrange House
4 - Hotel Room
5 - Mansion
6 - GTA Online Apartment

More house types and house entries will be added in future updates like I said, this mod took me a long time to make because I had to script the pedestrians alert AI manually, make them work in the interiors, etc.

- Initial Release

- Fixed many bugs such as loading, crashing, stuff not appearing, etc
- Added new feature where NPCs can call 911 and police will show up in the house.

- Fixed an issue where some entry/exit markers didn't show up
- Fixed an issue where some cash pickups didn't spawn or show up properly
- Fixed an issue where the home invasion scene wasn't disposed properly
- Major performance fixes
- Added a random chance 2 officers will arrive at the home invasion scene instead of 1
- Cops will say something when arriving at the scene
- Players will not get a wanted level when leaving the home undetected by any pedestrians.
- Players will be detected by home pedestrians if they run inside
- Pedestrians who detect the player in the home will say something about it

- Fixed an issue where different regional settings could cause an error in reading/parsing the XML file, since the standard is to use commas in certain regions (Europe), therefore causing the script to not work at all

- New home invasion interior (apartment) "HomeType = 6"
- 75+ more home invasion entry locations, special thanks to RancidSaul
- Huge Performance improvements (rewrote most code)
- Added settings in the .XML to disable markers
- New Alert Messages when the player is detected or if someone is calling the police, editable in the settings file
- New "Player Masks" feature for when the player (Michael, Franklin, Trevor) enter/exit the home they will automatically put on/off a mask, editable in settings file
- You can now intimidate alerted home pedestrians who aren't in combat to give up their cash instead of killing them, like in heists, but there is a small chance they will try to be a hero
- Home pedestrian calling police improved, with phone ringing and blip and only one
- If you intimidate or kill a home pedestrian who calls the police fast enough, no police will show up in the home
- You cannot enter homes when you have a wanted level or you just recently robbed it
- Police Dispatch/Arrival Time is now randomized and can be longer
- New police dispatch/arrival type: SWAT
- Police will have randomized outfits/ped props when spawning inside the home
- Added door opening/closing sounds when entering/exiting a home
- Player will enter stealth mode automatically when entering a home
- Player will say something when exiting out of the house alerted and getting a wanted level
- Player will curse when getting spotted by home pedestrian
- Home pedestrians who are brave and attack the player will now have an enemy AI blip
- Home pedestrians can now detect player movement noise (running/walking), stay in stealth mode to be undetected when not in their line of sight
- Home pedestrian's money is now balanced/nerfed
- Home pedestrians outfits are now more randomized
- Home money bags is now balanced/nerfed
- Other miscellaneous small bug fixes and additions
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First Uploaded: October 26, 2016
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