GTAV Mod Manager 1.0.6107.15779

Always backup ANY FILES you modify. If you download this software you agree that you do not hold me liable if you screw up and have to re-install the game.

Do you have modded RPF's manually placed in your GTA Directory instead of using this manager? This manager will clean out ALL MODS when pressing GTA:Online, so either move your RPF's to your GTAV Mod folder or they will be deleted...

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Please see this thread for in depth details on using this manager.

Original Upload:
v0.1.5609.13630 (5/11/2015 8:34AM PST)

  • Mods are always stored in an external folder, never in the GTAV directory
  • importing dot net mods and lua mods will automatically import to their correct folder
  • Mod location is configurable
  • Specific mods can be toggled on and off
  • Firewall rules are created to block GTA5.exe from the internet while mods are enabled 
  • Social Club is automatically set to offline mode when mods are enabled
  • Mods can be automatically removed as soon as you quit the game (configurable)
  • Config files can be edited directly in the manager
  • Ability to rename mods to friendly names (double click name to edit)
  • GTA5.exe high priority tweak one-click enabler
  • Online Mode which automatically disables all mods and opens the firewall
  • Drag and drop installation of mods (UAC enabled Windows 8+ does not allow this at this time)
  • Uninstall/Delete mods from within the manager
  • Automatic update notifications ( auto updates now live)
  • RPF Installation Wizard! Easily swap between vanilla and modded RPF files


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GTAV Mod Manager Changelog

1.0.6107.15779 (9/20/2016 9:47AM PST)
  • Added an additional feature for "NANNY MODE" that will warn a user (only once) that by pressing GTA:ONLINE it will delete all mods from the game install folder, because apparently there are still users who do not want to learn how to use this software properly..

  • 1.0.6097.16450 (9/10/2016 9:10AM PST)
  • Added 'Nanny Mode' for users who cant follow the instructions on how to properly add mods to the manager. It can be turned off in options.

  • 1.0.5688.9657 (8/3/2015 1:30PM PST)
  • Added an 'enabled mod' filter checkbox
  • Added a mod filter text box
  • Added the ability to go to a mod based on the letter pressed (focus must be on the list for it to work)
  • Added extra checks to ensure a user doesn't set up a folder mod in a way that would delete the update folder upon cleaning
  • Added Right click to open highlighted mods folder
  • Added Author/version detection for folder mod detection mode
  • Added an option to set a timeout limit for disable mods on exit (in setup wizard)

  • 1.0.5667.11091 (7/8/2015 7:12AM PST)
  • Restored the Author and version information
  • Fixed a bug in Add mod.. when in folder mode, causing it to attach to a config file not related to the mod
  • Disable On Exit no longer shuts down the application after restoring
  • Fixed a bug where RPF mods were not automatically attaching the correct config file
  • Fixed an error when cleaning game folder of mods
  • .

    • Background Images Copyright Owner: Rockstar Games
    • UI Buttons/Layout help: Galazam
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    First Uploaded: May 11, 2015
    Last Updated: September 20, 2016
    Last Downloaded: 1 minute ago

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    • 22176c 11174844 504135066401554 658449427173741832 n
      Pinned Comment

      Basic guide on how place the Mods in Mod manager.
      I personally prefer Folder mode for more clean approach.

      Basics = Things you need to use any of the LUA\ASI\Rage\NIB's\Dot NET Mods

      * C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\ScriptHookV v393.4\ (all the native trainer files)
      * C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\Scripthook DOT net\ (all ScripthookDOTnet files )
      * C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\LUA_SDK\ (all the LUA Plugin files)
      * C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\Rage Plugin\ (all the rage plugins)
      * C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\OpenIV\OpenIV.asi
      * C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\LSPDFR\plugins\LSPDFR.dll

      Folder Mode =

      * Asi Mod = C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\MOD NAME\ your mod goes here.asi
      * LUA mods = C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\MOD NAME\scripts\Addins\ your mod goes here.Lua
      * Rage Mod = C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\MOD NAME\Plugins\ Rage mods goes here.DLL's
      * Dot Net \ NIB mods = C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\MOD NAME\scripts\ your mod goes here.dll
      * SweetFX \ Reshade = C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\MOD NAME\ Reshade/SweetFX all the files here.
      For rpf mod, the mods folder needs to be small letters as shown below. place the rpf files as it was in the original location but make a folder called mods in small letter an place them, example =
      * RPF mod = C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\MOD NAME\mods\(common.rpf)
      * RPF mod = C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\MOD NAME\mods\Update\(update.rpf)
      * RPF mod = C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\MOD NAME\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\(patchday2ng)

      File Mode =

      * Asi Mod = C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\ your mod goes here.asi
      * LUA mods = C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\scripts\Addins\ your mod goes here.Lua
      * Rage Mod = C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\MOD NAME\Plugins\ Rage mods goes here.DLL's
      * Dot Net \ NIB Mods = C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\scripts\ your mod goes here.dll
      * SweetFX \ Reshade = C:\Users\Documents\GTAV Mods\ Reshade/SweetFX all the files here.
      * RPF mods - just import the modified rpf file and select the original rpf, the mod manager will do the rest.

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      October 11, 2015
    • Default

      I have Script Hook V + Native Trainer installed I wanna install mod manager but I'm having  some trouble do I have to remove the files from " Script Hook V + Native Trainer" out of my GTA 5 main "folder" and then add them to the "Mod Manager" directly or do I leave them in the GTA 5 "Folder"??? I'm new to all this thx guys!

      January 24, 2017
    • Default

      10/10 find out I am perma banned when I decide to run GTA normally. thx guys

      January 25, 2017
    • Default

      yea this is isn't working for me....I followed the instructions and watched the video.

      January 25, 2017
    • Default

      Having an issue with my game crashing when using more than one vehicle addon. I received this error https://gyazo.com/bb7d33331e6835b0475f3b7d8d1b7782

      January 26, 2017
    • Default

      Works excellent.

      January 26, 2017
    • Gtao47

      Why'd you remove the Migrate mod feature, it was so damn useful

      January 29, 2017
    • Default

      How do you install the mod ? Because I have deleted the exe , and it still seems active, before I installed it , when I launched the game it loaded without making me sign in, now every time I lunch the game it makes me sign in, and online does not work

      January 31, 2017
    • Default

      I meant , how do you uninstall this mod. Stupid autocorrect

      January 31, 2017
    • Default

      Hi,very nice mod, I learned to use it in your youtube tutorials and some more others. But there is a mod that i can't make work... the Addon peds. It's really frustrating, I don't know how to install the files correctly, even the rpf that i modified and then the rest of the mod but it doesn't work.

      February 07, 2017
    • Default

      Hello! I am a new player and want to use mods for cars on offline mode on gta5. If I use these mods online, will I get banned? how can I disable them.?

      February 09, 2017
    • Default

      @Starkman123 woah dude did that actually happen?

      February 18, 2017
    • Default

      @Bilago how to uninstall pls

      February 18, 2017
    • Default

      Any way to add an addon, folder + dlc.rpf without choosing to replace some other mod in file mode???

      February 22, 2017
    • 2095a9 u170993

      Hi @Bilago! Why mods don't work in the game ? Manager sees it but does not start.

      February 24, 2017
    • Default

      Don't install this!!! When I deleted it it stopped me from being able to use mods forever! I reinstalled the game, made new profiles, everything short of reformatting. I had to buy the steam version just so I could use mods with that... DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!

      February 27, 2017
    • A7bd28 download

      its saying that i have to whitelist the program, but when i go to whitelist, it doesnt appear....what do i do

      March 05, 2017
    • Default

      whenever i click reload, some mods get unselected

      8 days ago
    • Default

      How do i install Rage hook plugins?... do i need rage hook installed in the same folder?
      Because i downloaded "Persistant Weapon Flashlight" and it don't work the way you explain it in file mode....

      1 day ago
    • Default

      I have a problem how can I put LeFix Speedo and Menyoo PC [SP] v0.9998764b?

      1 day ago
    • Default

      @Bilago A lot of mods use some kind of way to save user data, like singleplayerappartment saves your bought appartments and cars in garages, in xml files. These are deleted when you go online. Can you add a feature that these kind of safe files are copied to the mod folder before being deleted from the game folder.

      4 hours ago
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