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    Thank you so much for spending your time to leave a comment and even give me your source.
    Seriously, I really appreciate it !
    I didn't know that there is your open source page ! I'll keep looking your source to study right.
    I'm pretty proud of myself that method is like yours.
    After reading your comment and code, now I know I should control its speed and whether trailer is attached or not.
    Thank you again for helping me.
    If I have further questions, I will contact you by private messages like you said.
    Anyway, sadly I can't speak Spanish at all :( I'm from South Korea though :)
    Have a nice day !

    October 02, 2017
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    Big thank for the reply.
    I’m sorry that I made you misunderstand because I’m not native English.
    I was trying to say that I was starting script coding.
    And I wanted to replace traffic vehicle like Lively World which you made.
    I tried CREATE_MODEL_SWAP but I didn’t make it.
    So my progress is to get nearby vehicles (by World.GetNearbyVehicles) and then choose one by Random object’s Next method.
    Then save some properties like its position, heading and EngineRunning to my script’s variables.
    And make that traffic vehicle MarkAsNoLongerNeeded and Delete, World.CreateVehicle new model to saved position, saved heading.
    And if selected traffic vehicle’s engine is running, create ped in new vehicles’s driver seat.
    I implemented “like replacing” traffic vehicle like that.
    So what I was asking is how you make traffic vehicle when coding.
    Thank you for reading and sorry for bad English.

    September 30, 2017
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    Hi, Eddlm.
    I'm an user of your great mods like Lively World, Better Chase, Realistic Nitro and so on.
    I want to make mod like you so I started writing some codes.
    It's really fun but I have encountered a problem.
    It's to replace traffic vehicle to specific model.
    I posted a thread to ask but still no one answered.
    As an user of Lively World, I think you implemented that feature.
    I think that feature is much more better than createVehicle method, so I want to know what functions I should use.
    So I'm wondering if I ask you how you did it.
    Additionally, I want to give you huge thank for spending your precious time to make and upload your mods for everyone, which makes many people, including me, play game with much more fun.
    I really appreciate it. Thank you.
    Thank you for reading and I hope you would have a great day.

    September 21, 2017
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    Well, it seems everything works just fine for me. Thank you for making great mod.
    Actually, I did something different.
    I had installed VWE by OIV and then overwrited gameconfig.xml (by Dilapidated), dispatch.meta (by Cass) and popgroups.ymt (by myself - almost every vanilla vehicles, IVpack vehicles and VWE vehicles included).
    For about 30 minutes of play, I haven't exprienced crash for now.
    I even spawned every car which you said below "known bugs" section but it works fine.
    And tuning does too. Well, I'm not really sure because I only tuned "es550" with bumpers, roof and bonnet.
    For me, your great mod works really fine.
    So I think it would be better that if you still have a crash issue, please check gameconfig.xml, dispatch.meta and popgroups.ymt.

    September 10, 2017
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    Thank you so much for you hard work.
    Now I'm installing and I'll try to find solution of the spawning problem.

    September 10, 2017
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    Thank you for sharing. I love it.
    This one will be very useful to everyone who updated.

    September 09, 2017
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    Thank you for your great work.
    Anyway, there is a thing that I want you to know.
    In popgroups.ymt, Utillitruck3 is duplicated which is in VEH_FREEWAY_MP.
    I don't know it would be a problem, but I just want to tell you.

    September 06, 2017
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    Great mod. I love it. Thank you so much.
    By the way, is this a combination of yours and bravercoolio’s “improvement of euphoria” ?

    September 06, 2017
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    @Maxiking2500 @bobmat4 @Slash_Alex
    I’m really glad to hear that I helped you guys.
    Like Slash_Alex said, my method is just temporary.
    So you guys and I need to wait for the update by F7YO.
    His gameconfig will be stable and reliable.
    Anyway, have fun guys !
    There is gameconfig which was uploaded by bobmat4.
    You can use it until update comes up.

    September 05, 2017
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    My pleasure. I've never played Skyrim but have heard that there are so many mods for it lol.
    You know, I'm so sad that Rockstar of Take Two forces us to update to latest version automatically.
    But I guess that's because they can make profit only from online.
    I understand but it has been so hard time to wait for the update of Script Hook V or the other mods.
    I think Bethesda is better at satisfying users lol.
    Anyway, wait, you just want to replace cars ?
    Then you don't have to use modded gameconfig.
    Modded gameconfig is only for add-ons.

    September 04, 2017