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    @Roy Junaid Khan I'm not sure why it's crashing your game. All the files should work fine. Please try installing on a fresh copy of GTAV.

    4 days ago
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    @Supertoastman Installer works fine. Close all background instances of OpenIV and any third-party apps that may interfere with the install process. Alternatively you can do a manual install.

    @America641776 Nothing happened in the new update to cause pixels on your screen. Please provide a screenshot so I can look into your issue.

    @stevo181 I don't think the thunder can be improved in a big way.

    4 days ago
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    @bilibili_Tuzki Stars are only visible in the countryside in order to portray realism.

    @Warjec You can't modify the FiveM .rpf archives. See my previous comment on that. As for flickering issue.. is this on a custom map? I haven't noticed it in FiveM while playing around in Los Santos.

    @Kurcolml Try using 7-zip to open it. Link: https://www.7-zip.org/download.html

    @kratosnomercy The vegetation colors are already modified. I think you should adjust your monitor saturation.

    @JAMSpamisgod You don't seem to be using my graphics.ytd file. Please reinstall NVR using the .OIV package in order to fix any missing files.

    5 days ago
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    @Zurilution Decrease all the values related to "postfx_intensity_bloom" in each weather's timecycle file.

    @Filargon I'm not sure.

    @adinhoa You can use the "Corona Modifier" add-on and install the "Remove Vehicle Coronas" file. It effects vanilla vehicles and a small number of modded / add-on vehicles. If you want to remove coronas on all modded / add-on vehicles then you'll need to edit each carcols file that is included within the vehicle's dlc.rpf archive. The carcols file should have a variable to decrease corona intensity and size.

    @LeXin11 You can't edit the NVR pack because it's encrypted using the FiveM ArchiveFix tool. You'll need to compile a new pack. I don't have time to teach everyone how to do this. I recommend asking for assistance on the FiveM discord or forums.

    @JARODYI I don't know. Works fine for me with and without Simple Trainer. If you're getting crashes after using Simple Trainer then maybe you have other mods that conflict with it. Should just do a clean install.

    5 days ago
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    @cobraromania ENB works fine with Windows 10

    @Knight02 That error only comes after installing corrupt files. Too hard to determine what you corrupted but I'd recommend a clean install with NVR. Install the other mods afterwards and see which of them breaks your game. I guarantee it's not this mod if you install it correctly.

    @Church89 Moon has different phases depending on the day. You can feel free to change the day of the week forward with Simple Trainer or sleep for a few in-game days to change the day.

    @MK D gamer I've previously mentioned that this will be addressed in the future. It only effects certain users. You'll need to wait.

    @LEVIATAN9 Nothing I can do to help with such a common issue. Best advice is to install this mod on a clean copy of GTAV.

    5 days ago
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    @Supertoastman What issue are you having exactly? If the OIV installs properly but the mod itself doesn't load in-game, then please make sure you have all the OpenIV .asi's installed along with ScripthookV.dll. Otherwise you're just supposed to install to the 'mods' folder and everything should work. Feel free to attach as many screenshots as you'd like for further assistance.

    9 days ago
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    @MoravianLion I can probably edit the carcols file and increase corona distance. I'll do this only for the FiveM package. Tail lights are decreased on purpose and I don't plan on changing that part. The last picture you have in that link is showing the intensity of the street lamp light and not the traffic light itself. If you use ENB then the street lamp intensity is less intense than vehicle headlights. Without ENB you are seeing the high intensity.

    @cobraromania No, the rain is not supposed to look that bright. I'm not sure what you did wrong. Did you try on a clean install of GTAV?

    @Th3RustyRagdoll I'll consider that. Thanks for the feedback.

    @Vac273 I do not recommend using LA roads. I think default vanilla roads are better.

    @01222861747 I'm not sure what you mean by plot task. There is a Redux uninstaller in the NVR readme. In any case you should just do a clean install to get rid of any errors.

    9 days ago
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    @LuciusAvette The stars are only in the countryside. You're not supposed to see them in the city due to light pollution. Can you elaborate on the cloud patterns that are repeating? Please provide an image of this.

    10 days ago
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    @Reijnen55 @cobraromania Make sure you close all instances of OpenIV before running the .OIV installer. I guarantee it is not corrupt. If you are having an issue unpacking the archive then download 7zip or WinRAR and try unpacking with that. https://www.7-zip.org/download.html

    @Spumaa Those lights are known to cause performance loss on less-powerful rigs.

    To disable them:

    Go to "C:\Users\PC\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V" and open settings.xml
    Change <Lighting_FogVolumes value="true" /> from "true" to "false"

    Save the file and restart your game.

    @arsonix96 You don't seem to have the graphics.ytd file installed that NVR comes with. Please make sure you're using that and also the visualsettings.dat file.

    @DonkeyDelux That's part of the "Enhanced Motion Blur" add-on and there is no way to remove it without uninstalling that add-on.

    November 03, 2018
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    @MoravianLion You can't do it for FiveM yourself. I tested corona's though and they seem to be fine. Perhaps you can show me a picture of how they look for you and an example of how you want them to look?

    @domo521 If the vehicles you installed come with their own carcols file then you should install that file. If you installed the "Brighter Vehicle Tail Lights" NVR add-on then you should open the "NVR_emissive" dlc archive and remove all instances of the Sheriff vehicle.

    @LuciusAvette Are you sure you installed all the files correctly? The files that effect clouds are skydome.ytd, cloudkeyframes.xml, clouds.xml, weather.xml, v_clouds.rpf and w_clouds.xml

    @OhMrZack Someone else had a similar issue due to mixing up the Old / New ENB .dll files. This would be the Normal / Ultra Preset that comes with NVR. If you are using ENB / ReShade, then please make sure you open the "READ THIS FIRST.txt" file inside the ENB / ReShade folder and download the proper .dll files.

    @lockai The shortlinks are not broken. In any case, here are the direct links:

    Normal Preset (ENB Only) -

    Ultra Preset (ENB Only) -

    November 03, 2018