Improved Police 1.4



This makes yo wanted levels more epic, just look ;o

For more detail, read the update logs below...

Updated to 1.4

-Hwaycops in 1 star!

-military in 5 stars! (only in blaine country)

-Military roadblocks

-NOOSE Choppers at 4-5 stars



For the annihilatior, idk but without this you may be experiencing crashes

Features of 1.3:

-Fort Zancudo will spawn sheriff's instead of military (doesn't do for 3 men military, btw there now armored ;)

-Sometimes LSSD will send NOOSE after you. (2-3 stars)

-police3 is now fully removed and replaced with police and police2

-Female cops (i know, every wanted level mod has it, k)

-police chopper will spawn with LSPD instead of NOOSE

-police interceptor (police3) will spawn in roadblocks

1.2 release:

-Blaine country cops no longer swat officers ;)

-Gresleys in roadblocks

-Staniers in roadblocks

-Insurgent in roadblocks

-in fort zancudo, sherrifs will spawn within army to take you down.

It's short, but the rest what's in this are not mine ;)

1.1 release Features (OUTDATED):

-Insurgents with Marines are added to roadblocks

-Sometimes unmarked cruisers will appear. (Without 5 star wanted level)

-Less police ;)

1.0 first release Features (OUTDATED!):


-Roadblocks spawn gresleys and staniers along with few swat officers.

Fort Zancudo:

-Sherrif's will spawn with the army in sherrif cruisers.

If you want some spice in this, well here is some:


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