RDE Expanded & Enhanced 1.0.3


Download it here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/realism-dispatch-enhanced

Current Game Version: 1.0.3274.0 - Current RDE Version: 4.0.3

This Mod is the definitive way to enhance your experience, bringing a ton of improvements and fixes to both RDE and the vanilla game.

Enjoy a new reworked and rebalanced wanted system, which delivers an increasingly hard but fair difficulty together with the addition of many law enforcement agencies (some new and some brought back from our beloved RDE 3.1.7.).

Play again the story mode of GTA V, now with complete RDE support for all main and side missions, activities and even random events.
A lot more of these missions have been edited to allow the use of custom peds and vehicles added by RDE and this mod, pushing a more immersive experience while also keeping it "lore-friendly".


- Fixed game crash after loading the MP Map.
- Edits to ResponseAI.xml:
  • Increased Annihilator and Buzzard firing rate and accuracy.
  • Changed firing pattern for Buzzard Minigun and Strikeforce Barrage.

- Edits to ResponsePeds.xml:
  • Lowered HP of El Rubio and Cartel Juggernaut.
  • Removed redundant entries.

- Edits to ResponseVehicles.xml:
  • Removed co-pilot from El Rubio's Valkyrie to prevent the nose turret to be used against the player.

- Edits to El Rubio ped to prevent him from attacking/being attacked by his own guards.
- Removed a specific event from Security and Gang decision maker to prevent these ped types from fleeing while in combat.
- Removed ApplyVehicleDamageToEngine flag from the Valkyrie Minigun Turret.
- Changed AI firing pattern alias for Buzzard Minigun.
- Added ApplyVehicleDamageToEngine flag to the Buzzard Minigun.
- Fixed a small bug that sometimes prevented one helicopter passenger from shooting their mounted weapon.
- Small tweaks to some explosive damage types.
Compatibility with game version 1.0.3274.0 - RDE Version 4.0.3

- Removed a redundant carcols file from the full installer.
- Attempt at fixing a game crash after loading the MP Map.
Compatibility with game version 1.0.3258.0 - RDE Version 4.0.3

- Fixed a game crash caused by the K-9 AI script
- Fixed a script crash related to the K-9 AI script
- Fixed a bug that would cause cops to stop shooting when a K-9 is in combat with the player
- Fixed the upper patch of the FIB SWAT ped not rendering correctly in the missions "The Wrap Up" and "The Third Way" (for peds spawned outside of cutscenes)
Compatibility with game version 1.0.3258.0 - RDE Version 4.0.3

Official release.
Compatibility with game version 1.0.3258.0 - RDE Version 4.0.3


  • New content, fixes and improvements to RDE:
    • New agencies and jurisdictions:
      • Los Santos International Airport Police Department - LSIAPD (Airport and areas around it).
      • Security Enforcement Police - SEP (Downtown and NOOSE HQ).
      • FIB Police (Around the FIB Building).
      • Rockford Hills Police Department - RHPD (Rockford Hills, Burton and "GWC and Golfing Society").
      • Del Perro Police Department - DPPD (Del Perro and Del Perro Beach).
      • El Rubio's cartel (only on the Cayo Perico island).

    • New vehicles added to already existent agencies.
    • Complete rework to jurisdiction zones (land and water) and vehicle response for each location.
    • Added searchlight support to police vehicles.
    • Properly adjusted patrol locations for each jurisdiction.
    • New roadblocks with new props.
    • Reworked every response AI for every vehicle.
    • Included support for almost every single main/side mission and random event.
    • And much more...

  • New rebalanced difficulty:
    • An increasingly hard but fair experience, designed to be played without the need of invicibility, increased health or any other kind of cheat.
    • Police spawns have been adjusted:
      • When driving, cops will be deployed from many more directions instead of always in front of the player.
      • The spawn distance has also been increased to allow the player to actually attempt an escape (and no longer be forced to use the boring sewer tunnel).

    • High damage weapons used by NPCs (Vehicle Turrets, Snipers, Revolvers) have been adjusted to prevent the player from getting killed in one or two hits by one of them.
    • Increased Player's HP Regeneration rate by 50 percent.
    • Juggernauts have way less HP and they no longer have a 100 percent spawn rate.
    • Explosive and vehicle physics have also been completly reworked:
      • Vehicles are no longer extremely sensible to explosive damage, meaning they will be able to withstand a bunch of hits from less powerful explosive weaponry (grenades, explosive rounds, etc).
      • Explosives now deal damage based on their distance from the target (instead of always dealing 100 percent damage even on the edges of the blast range).
      • A lot of vehicle weapons have been tuned to be balanced when used by NPCs while also remaining effective when used by the player.
      • Homing rockets fired by NPCs now have much less tracking allowing the player to dodge them more consistently.
      • Additionally, vehicle deformation has been increased to match the one GTA IV uses.

  • New Wanted System:
    • A new way to lose the cops:
      • A wanted radius will appear around you (just like GTA IV).
      • Stay out of the wanted radius unseen for a few seconds to lose the heat immediately.
      • Or remain hidden until the cops call off the search (it will take much longer than vanilla).

    • New rules of engagement:
      • 1 Star:
        • Cops will now chase you at low speeds and won't perform any aggressive moves on you.
        • It will also take longer for them escalate the chase to 2 stars.

      • 2 Stars:
        • From this point on, cops will chase you at full speed and regularly try to perform PITs on you.
        • Their vision range will be greatly improved, making them much harder to outrun when they still have visual on you.

      • 3 Stars:
        • A helicopter boarded with snipers will be dispatched.
        • Snipers won't shoot at the player unless they've been attacked first.

      • 4 Stars:
        • Snipers will open fire at the player, reguardless whether they've been attacked or not.
        • Snipers will now also be deployed on roadblocks.

      • 5 or more Stars:
        • An additional helicopter will be dispatched, units will rappel down from it when the player is on foot.
        • Every unit will start shooting from their vehicles (only if the windows are not bulletproof).

  • Improved NPCs AI :
    • Each specific unit will have their own combat style:
      • Units dispatched at higher wanted levels will have a much better combat ability.
      • Tactical units will keep a close approach to the player and will throw gas grenades, while others will stay on the back providing support.
      • Juggernauts and Elite will continuously charge the player, other units will retreat to give them space.

    • Police will now chase at full speed, they will no longer recklessly ram you and instead attempt to block you and use PIT maneuvers.
    • Search AI has also received a complete rework:
      • Now cops no longer know your exact location at any time.
      • Cops will investigate your last known location and slowly increase their search perimeter over time.
      • At night, police will use the searchlights from their vehicles.

    • SWAT Units in helicopters will now parachute to safety when their vehicle gets disabled.
    • Most special AI Vehicles (Tanks, Attack Helis, etc...) will no longer track the player anywhere he goes and now properly enter search mode when the player is out of sight.
    • K-9 AI has been completly reworked:
      • They will behave more efficently according to player's actions. (They will return early to their vehicle when the player is also in a vehicle. They won't attack the player when cops are trying to arrest him. Etc...).
      • Proper search AI with custom animations.
      • K-9 Units will also spawn in traffic.

    • Targeting system has been toned down in order to treat the player the same as other NPCs.
    • Gangs have also been improved:
      • Gang territory can now be very dangerous places to be in. A lot more gang members will show up to defend their place when attacked.
      • Also they will no longer flee from the wanted players and will engage fight with both him and the police.

    • And much more...

  • Other miscellaneous additions:
    • Melee combat has received some tweaks:
      • Melee attack deal less damage making them last a bit longer.
      • Takedowns with non-blunt weapons will no longer K-O other NPCs in one hit.
      • Stealth takedowns will still one-hit NPCs.

    • Scenarios and Car Generators for many locations have been improved.
    • Improved and more interective random events.
    • Additional wanted music, more tracks for aircraft/submarine ambient music.
    • A lot of fixes for peds, vehicles, map objects, map zones, scenarios and more.
    • News Helicopter system (optional).


  • Better Chases and Arrest Warrant rework with RDE compatibility.


If you have already installed a previous version, you can just download and run the update installer.
Otherwise download the numbered version and follow the steps below:

Run the OIV file with OpenIV.
Remember to create back-up of your mods and scripts folder before installing, I'm not responsibile for any problems on your end.

To avoid any problems, I suggest you to install your mods in the following order:
  1. Install RDE
  2. Install any other mod you like (with the exception of handling mods, those should be installed after)
  3. Install this mod


This mod requires a specific pool value to be set in the gameconfig to work.
If, for whatever reason, you'd like to switch gameconfig (I don't suggest you to do so, RDE gameconfig should work with most mods),
remember to keep this value in check:

< PoolName >ActionTable_Damages< /PoolName >
< PoolSize value="27" / >


The RDE Team: Dilapidated, Jax765, NefariousBonne, Cpast, SuperStumpje, Jacobmaate, ArtehFailz, SnH Firefighter, The Loot

Beta Testers: Momit the Vicious, Daddynnoob, FullMetalMarine, Neptune, LCKH33D, jinglingzu

Credits to BigNoodle24 for allowing me to use one of his custom peds
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