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Remember the old days of hijacking heavily protected Ammu-Nation trucks on the highways?

Well, too bad because word of warning: This 'be an old script rescued from never reaching the public, abandoned mid 2018. Was too fun, has too much potential. I have updated just enough content so it works today and you people get to experience it, at least.

San Andreas is crammed full of people wanting to move their product from one place to another. From teams of Mercenaries heading back to their basements with the spoils of a deal and Lost motorcades securing their daily shipment of armament to Stab City, to bigger players such as MerryWeather or the LSPD furthering their own goals, money and other valuables are finding their way on the roads of the state.

As its usual in this line of work, there are other parties involved, whose interest lie in stopping some of these shipments on their tracks, steal their product, killing those involved or just sabotaging the entire thing.

That’s where you come in.

- Description -
This is an evolution of this.

This script allows you to take on (28+) missions about chasing down enemies, stealing their cargo and returning it somewhere else, basically. The magic of it lies in the variety of mission set-ups, the dynamic AI behavior, and the challenges system, which encourages replayability and more tactical thinking.

Each mission has a set of seven challenges, persistent between playthroughs.
The Challenges
- First Person: Complete the mission while in First Person mode.
- Solo: Don't use bodyguards.
- No Deaths: Don't die.
- No Police: Don't get a Wanted Level in the entire mission.
- Done Under 5 Minutes: Finish the mission under 5 minutes of attacking the target.
- Hardcore: Complete the Mission with Hardcore Mode enabled in the Convoys.ini file. Hardcore Mode disables all blips so you have to be more attentive, but the mission should still inform you enough for it to be fair.
- Criminal Mastermind: Complete the Mission in Hardcore Mode without dying once.

Q: What do I get from completing all seven?
The sense of pride and accomplishment, no less.

Ideally you'd get a special reward, or vehicle, but time and motivation constraints. Still, alone, the challenges still pose a great excuse for you to test your skills with a wide range of twists to the formula (while adding replayability), as each Challenge relies in different skillsets. Do have a try at them, my favourite is Solo/NoDeaths.

You can also create missions yourself as the missions are XML files. No documentation though, no time. Sorry.
However, its really easy to figure out if you open any of 'em. Do try!

How to Play
The script should tell you ingame. From time to time, a Job Opportunity will appear, and you'll be instructed to check your phone. If you do, you're briefed on the Job's general info. If you accept, you'll start that mission and be instructed further.

If you complete the mission you get whatever reward the mission said. Money, weapons, etc. You'll be also told how many Elite Challenges you achieved, including Criminal Mastermind.

You can force Job opportunities by looking at your phone while standing still for a while. The 'quickconvoy' cheat (~ or º key) also forces them.

Drop the .zip contents into /scripts/ as they come.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookV Latest
ScriptHookVDotNet Latest

MISSION REQUIREMENTS - Some missions use these models
- Bolingbroke Penitentiary Vehicles
- The Security Pack
- More Stockade's Liveries
- Chuff Security Brickade
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