Join Me Peds [ASI] 3.1



welcome to my second, most usless mod called "join me peds".
now completely re-messed in C++.

unlike other bodyguard mods, this one doesnt spawn peds but makes existing ones follow you.
but beware, those ped bodyguards might not be reliable...
depending on the ped, he or she might even turn against you, if not satisfied with your actions or just run away.
it works with almost any ped in the game, even some animals...
prepare for a useless but funny mess.

you can add peds only one by one up to a total of 7 pals and send them all away if you get bored with em.
as a bonus you can make them dance with a keystroke.

as you asked for more useless stuff i included:
- rave mode
- pogo mode
- scare peds

check out my video for new features...

by pressing the rave button all peds nearby will start to dance to a specific radio soulwax track.
pogo mode is linked to punk radio station...
you can repeatedly press the rave button to add more and more peds to the rave.
nice side effect is, that with rave mode enabled, you can use the radio on foot and also change the Station (same way like you do in vehicle)

default controlls:
- press "J" to make closest join you (R3+L2 on controller)
- press "B" to make all your pals leave (R3+L3 on controller)
- press "U" to make your pals dance

- longpress "X" to toggle between pogo and rave mode
- press "X" repeatedly to start a pogo / rave with everyone arround
- press "Y" stop the pogo / rave
- press "SPACE" to toggle scare peds on and off

keycodes are easily customizable in the ini file.

credits: to basically anyon i could learn from :)

requreiments: script hook v

dont use this mod online - i wont be resposible if you get banned !

installation: just extract the files to your GTA5 root directory

feel free to post suggestions for more useless features / mods.
if i like your idea, i might make something out of it ;)



- added dances from after hours update to rave mode
- fixed bug in rave mode after SKIP_RADIO_FORWARD() was removed

- rewritten as asi mod in C++
- added ped pogo
- peds now try to steal vehicles in order to follow you (sometimes they fail or get lost :))
- peds now can use throwable weapons by aiming at objects or peds
- various bugfixes and improvements

- hotfixes:
- when pressing join key/button, already joining ped will not respond again to the call
- each time when join key/button is pressed, joining peds will change their formation randomly
- addded new properties for joining peds (not sure if they actually all have an effect)
- they now will less likely jump out of your car when crashing
- they have better combat skills and will more likely join you shooting something
- when starting rave mode, my chosen radio track will only be triggered the first time,
   not every time you press the rave key
- finding my chosen radio track will be less buggy (still not how i want it though...)
- if vehicle radio was off before starting rave, it will be switched off when stopping rave

- added rave mode with self-radio
- increased accuracy of joining peds to 100

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First Uploaded: October 09, 2017
Last Updated: August 20, 2018
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