RTS Mode 0.3 [DEMO]


A little RTS-control system for peds I did a while ago. Old, unfinished, unpolished, consider it a demo. In the future I may finish it, if there's interest.

You need to spawn the peds via any trainer, RTSMode doesn't spawn anything. You can also control any ambient ped if you want.

- Control NPCs using standard RTS controls, task them to attack, move, enter/leave cars, etc.
- Freeform squad creation, just select a leader then select the rest of the peds. You can have as much squads as you like.

Upcoming Features:
- Squad spawns
- Anything I consider useful, suggestions included.

How to Install:
"RTSMode.dll" goes in the /scripts/ folder.

How to play:
- Enter RTS Mode: Enter 'rts' cheat in the game's cheat console (º key)
- Controls: WASD, Mouse wheel
- Slowmo: Space
- Height-independent-movement: also Space
- Exit RTS Mode: Press E or enter 'rts' again.
- Create Squad: Click on an NPC that's not part of any squad.
- Add NPC to squad: click on an non-squad npc while the squad is selected.
- Remove NPC from squad: Click on an npc squad while its squad is selected.
- Select squad: Click on any NPC that's part of a squad.
- Orders: Right click while a squad is selected. This is context aware.
- Deselect squads: click anywhere.

Orders (right click):
On foot:
- On a vehicle: enter the vehicle.
- On a person: attack the person.
- On ground: go there. They will face the direction your camera is facing when you give the order.

On vehicle:
- On another vehicle: Escort it if its from another squad, attack it otherwise.
- On ground: go there.
- On its own vehicle: leave/land the vehicle.

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.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
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