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    @yeahmantiptap Hardcoded, I've tried many workarounds, never achieved a nice setting that was compatible will all the features, absolute fucking shame. I wish they worked just like peds. Same for Zancudo and the army, it would be fucking awesome to stealth your way into the base, but it's unachievable with how the game is coded.

    2 days ago
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    @Conrad Black I invite you to read the description.

    4 days ago
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    @ElChupacabra The cops will always have omniscience, it's hardcoded. That's why I augmented the despawn distance, so they're "stuck", searching for your last known position, without respawning right in front of view even if you go relatively far. So they will always somewhat be "magnetized" to your location, but at the same time, sometimes you think they pinned you and will go exactly on your ass, but then the on foot cop stops in front of you, goes back and keep searching, pretty cool.

    The buzzard is absolutely abnormal. You should not have a heli following you at 1 & 2 star, let alone a buzzard. The only conflict I could see is Lively World, and again that's weird.

    The only thing I can ask you to do is try to work your way toward locating the bug. I'd start by renaming your script folder to "#scripts", so it's not used by the game. Launch the game and test if the problem persists. Then, provided you made a backup of the vanilla backup.rpf, make a backup of the modded update.rpf if you need to, then replace the update.rpf in your install with the vanilla unmodded one. Install just FTFR, and see if the problem persist.

    Just in case, I'd also make sure to test if the mod is installed and used by the game, so after installation look in update.rpf, say dispatch.meta, and look if there are my mentions at the top of the file "GTA 1180.2 - FTFR 2.4", to be sure it's installed. And then in game, use a trainer to go on level 4 and roam around to see if FIB cars filled with 4 FIB peds, do spawn, to be sure the files are indeed used properly.

    Your bug is way too weird.

    Now, in a hardcore case scenario, when I do try to locate an exact file for a bug. I'll install say half of the files, if the bugs is within this half, I'll then cut it by half, and work my way like that until I locate the file, then it's a matter of knowing what values does what. Here, the buzzard would be spawn by a scripts of my dispatch.meta. So that's very very weird.

    You should get an airbreak, go invincible and check what are the peds in the buzzard. See if the icons on the minimap is red (enemy) or blue/red with cone (cop).

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    5 days ago
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    @ElChupacabra You absolutely shouldn't have helicopters on you until three stars. Are you telling me you have helis on 1 and 2 stars? If this is the case, you have a mod conflict and I therefor need you to list every single mods and scripts you have in an orderly fashion. If they only spawn at and above 3 stars, and only want to remove them, you may try to mess around dispatch.meta (I use notepad++), you'll see at the end all the spawn counts for each levels, under the heli there's 3 as peds to spawns, that means 1 heli with 3 people in it (one pilot, two shooters).

    You can try doing this https://i.imgur.com/6NmU6Yv.jpg a bracket normally goes like that <a></a>, you can turn if off like that <!--a></a-->. It disables a line without deleting it, and generally changes color in notepadd++ so you can spot it easily. Do that for each level/item you want to disable.

    The thing, this mod is designed so you can escape by changing cars, à la Watch Dogs, my advise is to figure out a way to be unseen just so you can get in a new vehicle, and then it's a matter of avoiding cops on the ground, since heli can no longer spot you from above. This mod rewards stealth, so helis are rather useless once you're hidden in a new vehicle.

    Ask away if you need more help.

    @MrVibrating I'm still not entirely sure, I've done some tests to find the proper value and the results aren't conclusive (test log is in the test history folder). So, the values for evasion timers are located in dispatch.meta under <HiddenEvasionTimes>, and in wantedtuning.ymt under <TimeEvadingForMaxValue> in each level section. I thought I had put long enough values but I guess this evading game is too addicting eh ^^ ! BTW, I've kept increasing them over time cause I never was satisfied with them, but it makes me think it's because I never pinned the right value. Not sure.

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    6 days ago
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    @laythass Delete update.rpf, verify files, it'll redownload, BACK THE FUCK UP next time.

    December 01, 2017
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    @laythass Did you read the instructions that told you to back up update.rpf before installing the mod?

    December 01, 2017
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    @zilch Good job once more and thx for listening to feedback.

    November 14, 2017
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    @Avve99 You replace your modded "update.rpf" with the vanilla one. That also removes any other mods you might have in "update.rpf".

    If you installed through OIV, OpenIV asked you if you wanted to use a separate folder or not for your mods so you can uninstall them easily. I also put a warning in the description:

    "It is highly recommended to have backups just in case. The strict minimum being a backup of update.rpf."

    November 13, 2017
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    @RazielvvPL I asked you to list every single mod you had in your installation. I can't help you if you don't help me. That means every single mod within scripts\, every single ASI file within Grand Theft Auto V\, and every single RPF mods you've installed.


    - Mod A
    - Mod B
    - Mod C
    - ...

    Until every single mod is listed. I don't like sloppiness, please be thorough.

    Until you reply and I can continue helping you, here's a little reminder: "Being stealthy is careful planning. USING A SILENCER DOESN'T GRANT YOU INVISIBILITY. Not seeing a witness doesn't make the stealth in this mod broken.

    Also, a silenced shot is different from the stealth kill (melee from behind in stealth mode), bullets flight and impact can be noticed by peds at short range, this can't be changed without game breaking bugs. "

    November 07, 2017
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    Props to this wonderful work.

    November 07, 2017