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    @Ivanya No DLC changes. What changes did you want to see?

    7 hours ago
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    @OneShotDown Thanks.

    1) I can't even remember what's been used from RR beyond what I mentioned in the changelog "*No bullet tracers, increased range, lowered reticule scale, less time between shots, lowered bullet speed". Bakamania's sound isn't required as it's advetised to be, back when RR was still updated and usable I never used the sound mod and never percieved any issues beyong the mod's own problems that I've gradually tried to fix myself to make the changes story compatible.

    2) This is the full mention "(Without the added models. I only provided the .meta/.ymt files from RDE. And I chopped off many of the features since they were either buggy or completely useless.)" implying that there are no added models from RDE in FTFR, and that the files aren't thus not compatible with the RDE added models version. Also, the jurisdiction thing relies on added models I believe, unfortunately, no added models = no jurisdiction, I found FTFR + WOV to be just as good, it's in my humble opinion of course. Little trivia, may not be up to date, at one point the no added model version available in RDE archive was using lines of codes for the added models version, rendering the no added model version very buggy and with some vehicles unusable.

    Also, I wanted to make an RDE compatible version, but seeing the decrease of GTA V active users, the amount of work it would require, I just never got fucked to do it. It wouldn't be very hard, just pretty tedious and time consuming. Before FTFR I didn't have much knowledge on the topic, so, anyone could do it with a bit of learning, nothing much.

    8 days ago
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    @tweedledumb99 Alright so you made me wonder and I took a quick look.

    I think that if the sound mod only overwrites the sound files without changing the name of those files or their addresses in weapons.meta (that you can see under a weapon item in the code, as "<Audio>"), then you can absolutely use the sound mod with my mod.

    In a different case, I'll invite you to rely on Google, GTA Forums, and general curiosity, dig through the files, comments of said mod etc etc.

    Though @CRISSY CRIS I'm curious to know how you solved the problem, for the sake of sharing the tip.

    July 31, 2018
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    @America641776 Did you test the problem with FTFR only? No scripts, no other mods, just FTFR? Cause I had that problem but it was supposedly a WOV problem.

    And from the tests I've done on v2.4, the problem was no longer upon release, I even mentioned it on the changelog.

    July 18, 2018
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    @Sytricka He stopped updating his files, so I'm afraid not. Even the DLC files are no longer compatible with the game. Plus the support wasn't fantastic in the sense that a few values weren't compatible with the solo. That's why I removed it myself from FTFR.

    @CRISSY CRIS A gun sound mod will most likely replace weapons.meta so you'll lose a bit of FTFR values, nothing insane, the stealth features will still be here.If you want FTFR's weapons.meta + the sound mod, you'd have to replace the sound file address yourself, it's pretty easy with notepad++ and the two files open next to each other, but it's just very tedious.

    @America641776 So did you solve your issue? I would argue that you didn't install my mod last, which you should. Guards fleeing makes me think that the guard mod doesn't change the ped type or behavior and thus make them scared for some reason.

    Similar to a problem I had with ped.ymt where FIB weren't assigned to SWAT, so if they encountered shooting swat guys, they would start shooting each other. Could also come from relationship.dat. IDK.

    My advise would be to get a vanilla update.rpf, then use FTFR only, if it works properly, the problem comes from an incompatibility or install order.

    July 17, 2018
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    @nonethenone LSPDFR relies on vanilla data. So problems rise with both mods together. You're welcome to backup up update.rpf and whatnot and try it yourself though.

    July 12, 2018
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    @suma280802 Everything is explained in the descriptions.

    You may have overwritten the ped.ymt file with another mod. Again I direct you to the description, I've spent time making sure everything is explained and clear.

    June 26, 2018