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    @littlefilms It's possible to edit, but for that specific goal, I really don't know. I guess that would go into the script category, creating maybe a wanted level/timer modifier when ducking is performed. I don't know.

    @xxx78 No every value works with every item but you can try. (Example I tried to bring true and ultimate stealth by doing the exact same thing for bullet impacts and bullet flying near people's heads, only to create weird behavior in peds.)

    Again, creativity, out of the box thinking, and trial and error are good companion when modding.

    June 04, 2018
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    @xxx78 Every meta, ymt mods and the likes rely either on OpenIV decoding, or those old Xbox values from 2013 https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0BwtG7xVTF5dpRUdTY3R0M2RfMEU

    About my peds.ymt it's very simple. Take whatever peds.ymt you want, WOV for example, ctrl F (search) MP_M_FIBSec_01, modify the <Pedtype> value to swat. Do the same for S_M_M_CIASec_01. This is to work with my dispatch, for those cop type to spawn and behave properly. So if you don't plan to use FTFR's dispacth, don't bother with FTFR's peds.ymt.

    June 03, 2018
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    @Scarpantibus You have a good logic there.

    Though understand a few things:

    - FTFR's dispatch needs FTFR's peds.ymt (I have an updated WOV compatible here https://goo.gl/88Ufkb)
    - DOV's dispatch calls to assets in other files, it cannot work without those files (peds.ymt and vehicle related files)
    - You could absolutely find the chunks of independent FTFR values (timers in dispacth for example) and replace the same values in DOV files
    - Before creating this mod I was a user just like you, wanting a better experience, one day I say fuck it and manually merged some values in notepad++

    Cheers and good luck!

    June 03, 2018
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    @Scarpantibus It unfortunately is not.

    Again, always do backups before anything but, what you can do after installing Dispatch of Variety is install FTFR's wantedtuning.ymt, it goes in update\update.rpf\x64\data\tune.

    That way you'll have all of DOV features whilst retaining FTFR's identification range (hide in unidentified cars à la Watch Dogs and get spotted only at close range), aswell as the far cop despawn distance (as long as you're hidden, they'll stick much longer to your last position), and a few other values.

    It's a halfway trade but it should be alright.

    June 02, 2018
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    @xxx78 Thanks I appreciate.

    ...I guess it's as much as a biased gut thing as it is a bandwagon thing in my case. Basically the guy had a ton of backlash back in the day because he copy pasted stuff without permission nor mentions, now arguably most of the files we mod are open source, most of the files in my mod are based of other people tweaks for example (no persmissions asked, just credit given), we're modding existing values, but some people actually work on scripts themselves from scratch, using those without asking is a bit more uncool.

    Also I remember looking at the files and seeing tooooons of things that seemed unecessary nor actually good, to me it seemed like either very bad taste or plane lazyness of just copy pasting a lot of stuff without tweaking it.

    Obviously he did put a tremendous amount of efforts in his thing, from the website to the promo, to the actually merging and tweaking of values, I can't deny him that. I just don't feel it. But yes it's indeed a great way to access a ton of mods without much hassle, and it objectively has a lot of qualities. Again not my jam.

    I've seen Natural Vision Remastered evolve a lot, at the start I thought it was mediocre, now I think it looks extremely good. But even VisualV retains the vanilla artistic direction whilst enhancing the graphics still. So I'm like that, leaning more towards lighter mods, plus WOV, FTFR, and a few scripts And I'm good. Funnily my GTA IV has the best graphics you can get with the best looking ENB I've ever found (, but I never bothered with GTA V cause it looks so very good already.

    For the IV ENB, it's this guy, he's currently working on something for GTA V, I love his work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZqH11eKp44

    May 28, 2018
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    @xxx78 Oh and here's the latest modded WOV peds.ymt if you want to install WOV.


    May 28, 2018
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    @xxx78 Stripped down stealth/cops only:

    update.rpf\x64\data -- peds.ymt

    update.rpf\x64\data\tune -- wantedtuning.ymt

    update.rpf\common\data -- dispatch.meta
    update.rpf\common\data -- relationships.dat

    update.rpf\common\data\action -- damages.meta

    update.rpf\common\data\ai -- crimeinformation.meta
    update.rpf\common\data\ai -- weapons.meta
    update.rpf\common\data\ai -- witnessnformation.meta

    Install those after every other mod. I can't tell if there will be incompatibilities or not, early guys said Chase and Warrant had problems, latest guys report it works fine with FTFR. Redux is a fucking mess and I do not recommend it but if you still wanna go through remember to install FTFR last.

    It's worth a shot testing the whole mod, after all it's just a matter of installing every other mod, make a copy of update.rpf, install FTFR, try it out, and if it doesn't work, install the stripped down version mentioned above.

    May 28, 2018
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    @oblivion551 You can find in my Test History folder in the mod, a txt file that talks about that, and the different things I noticed on the vanilla game last year.

    May 23, 2018
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    @oblivion551 A sure thing to do would be to check if the money people drop is wallets. If it's cashpiles, the mod doesn't work.

    Before this version of the mod I had my game on vanilla and noticed a lot of similar changes that I already had in my mod, I suspect Rockstar to have implemented a lot of the stealth mods into the vanilla game, maybe during 2017.

    May 23, 2018
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    @Asgield12 There's a reason we put instructions in our descriptions.

    Make backups. Install WOV first. Install FTFR last.

    READ MY INSTRUCTIONS. The description is well made, you just need to scroll to section 4. Dude for real, no wonder you've fucked your game up.

    Let me emphazise:

    MAKE BACKUPS!!!!!!!

    It's like a 800MB file you just need to copy and paste after vanilla installation of the game, the simplest thing, seriously.

    Also, please answer with the reply button at the bottom of the comments, you can see that I'm very responsive and quick, but some people aren't and don't even bother with replies that don't tag them, since those don't give notifications.

    May 12, 2018