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  • Tubeguy

    @SnakeSlippers I don't know, hence the description: "I wouldn't bet on stability when used with FTFR. Try it out."

    8 days ago
  • Tubeguy

    @Frostelis A persistent mod that can save vehicles on the go can be a good alternative and really immersive thing, having to return for you vehicle after an escape can be pretty satisfying. Anyway, cheers and happy new year.

    December 31, 2018
  • Tubeguy

    @Frostelis I wonder if you missed something. Cause as someone pointed out, the stealth features make the game kinda easy in a way.

    When out of sight, with a grey blip, enter a new vehicle, this will fully hide you, to the point where choppers cannot identify you, and cops need to be very close. If a cop and you are at two opposite lane of a four way, the cop won't be able to identify you for example.

    Also, you mustn't think above ground at all times, there's quite the underground tunnels and the likes to go through, even outside the city. You can also hide in bushes, there's a lot of way for you to hide and then find a new vehicle, even more so with the fact that now cops search your last known position longer, so when hidden, you can act so the cops are never on your ass.

    I can show you some reflexes, strategies, and ways of thinking if you want. After nearly 3 years on this mod, 5 on this game, I'm convinced you just don't have the go to behavior to properly avoid the forces. I'm able to lose a wanted level above 3 stars so I don't see why you couldn't.

    December 31, 2018
  • Tubeguy

    @Runnin_Gag I would argue if you search for a harder yet realistic approach, go for "toggle blip", then orient yourself depending on the sounds and visuals only, your minimap will no longer help you, this is a hardcore experience IMO.

    I personally have a bullet time every time I pull my aiming trigger over 95%, so that means I choose when it's easy or not. I would argue cops aren't easy to lose if you're tagged on foot at 2 stars. Having the minimap makes things easy if you know how to strategies.

    To me being able to hide doesn't make things easy but rather realistic. You're not supposed to have a microchip with your location broadcasted to all the cops, you know what I mean?

    December 25, 2018
  • Tubeguy

    @Heckler455 Thanks.

    I would argue you may not have committed the changes, or are using a different file. It should change the ammo clip size to whatever you want it to. If you're sure you committed, I'd recommend trying higher values, different weapons, and see if the changes apply this time, cross testing your way towards a solution.

    December 07, 2018
  • Tubeguy

    @Forbidden Duck Yes, never succeeded at removing that. You can stealth stab an isolated cop in the back, but that's it.

    Good news though, in RDR2, the only thing the game does when you stealth kill a cop from a distance is update the investigating area, they don't know your exact location nor your face, so they did improve stealth for newer games.

    December 05, 2018
  • Tubeguy

    @cornflakes76 What older version of FTFR? You're not using 2.4? And you don't have any bugs?

    All I know is that WOV has caused me many problems, and there has often been left over bugs in it. Why I stopped updating mine.

    November 19, 2018
  • Tubeguy

    @YouOnMyBlockNow As you can see above I answer on the daily so no this isn't outdated.

    As for the mods:

    - CPRE is out of date, this is its direct update
    - ERO went south IMO, I specifically went for an older, better version
    - RDE is out of touch in my very humble opinion, in any case you need to choose between RDE and FTFR
    - SRB is very hard to balance, here you have the core features and I troubleshot most of the bugs, I won't go through a newer version again
    - RR is discontinued and was story incompatible anyway
    - RWG is bugged that's why I removed it long ago

    This is the result of troubleshooting bugs of so many mods, leftovers and mishaps, this is currently the most bug free story compatible thing I experienced. I invite you to try it if you're into stealth.

    November 17, 2018
  • Tubeguy

    I strongly believe it's not an FTFR problem.

    November 17, 2018
  • Tubeguy

    @cornflakes76 Absolutely no idea. Did you install WOV after FTFR by any chance?

    Anything that affect peds.meta, weapons.mete or perhaps loadout, I really don't know. Try installing FTFR last.

    Try 2.0.2 just to see if the problem persists. http://www.mediafire.com/file/a7fqwi2e101biqo/v2.0.2.zip/file

    November 17, 2018