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    Big fan of your Tarkov converts - the quality is amazing: https://s14.postimg.org/nggtklb7z/Carbine.png

    January 06, 2018
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    @A-12T99 Happy new year to you and everyone else!

    @theBmag Yeah it has to do with the timecycle. Another thing is you can't record footage with vanilla game files and then render it with modded game files. It must be recorded with the same files so that everything is consistent and you don't run into these bugs.

    January 01, 2018
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    @DayL https://www.flickr.com/photos/137735387@N03/24535990057/

    @shashwatx123 Yeah I have the problem with crash upon loading a new save too. Not sure what causes it but I believe it's an .ASI script.

    December 31, 2017
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    @alexguirre @Jitnaught Hi, can you guys update this mod? I really like it but the flashlight does not turn on when using this script with the newest game patch.

    December 30, 2017
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    @Skîdrow Thanks, happy new year to you too. Hope all is going well.

    @joaopedro47 Clouds are supported but they only activate by changing the weather through Simple Trainer. I'm looking for a fix around this. As for cloudy weather, I wanted to re-do it for the next update but instead decided to focus my time on other things, so you will not see a new cloudy weather just yet. Give me some time and I will eventually work on it. Have some cool ideas for Cloudy weather in mind.

    @Grizzly_ME @TheGreyRaven Both of these issues will be resolved with the next update. Thanks for your feedback.

    @TNTten It was removed by VisualV but I've added it back in for the next update since I like it.

    Also to anyone reading this, I'm still constantly working on the update. It's the biggest NVR update so far, which is why it's taking me a while to get it out. Current release target goal is late January 2018.

    December 29, 2017
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    @My Name Is Jeff
    Already fixed for the next update. See here:

    Also these images are without the LSPDFR version, which includes brighter sirens.

    @poisonwind34 If you're using the Doomday Heist dlc, then just update your gameconfig file and you'll be good to go.

    @GTA_4_MAN Not sure if I'm fully understanding but it's normal for the vehicle to not become fully darkened inside of a shadow during sunny weather. It does become somewhat darker.

    I've changed a lot of things since the last update, but here is how it's looking right now:


    1. Transitions are being redone for the next update

    2. This never happens to me. Are you using another rain_emitter file or visualsettings file? This never happens in rainy weather itself?

    3. I tweaked shadows a lot for the next update, along with ped lighting intensities.
    You can see here:

    You can also look at some of the newer pictures on my Flickr page to see shadows in other areas.

    4. I don't see a problem with the water pattern. I already reduced foam intensity and slightly tweaked ripple effects.

    This is how it looks for me right now:

    If you are not satisfied with anything above, then please post some high-res pictures from real life to make a point.

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    December 26, 2017
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    @6974 Try updating AMD drivers and find a better way to cool the temps you are hitting.

    December 25, 2017
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    @6974 It's caused by your GPU overheating. Only effects AMD video cards.

    December 25, 2017
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    @racer x It's interesting that you bring this up. I'll have to do some testing. What video card are you running? Also can you tell me what kind of objects pop in for you (ie. buildings, vehicles etc)? Thanks

    @yolo321XD Speedometer brightness intensity mostly depends on the vehicle. If you use the LSPDFR files then it will make the speedometer brighter to compensate for police lights.

    @InYourFace You don't need to add the line. It's there because an older version of VisualV installed the 'rdrcloud' dlc and I basically overwrite the files to disable it.

    @Yze This will be addressed in the next update.

    PS: Happy holidays to everyone. I'm still hard at work on the next update for NVR and will try to get it out sooner or later.

    December 25, 2017
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    @szhitt Correct

    @darkblaze76 You kinda confused me there. I think you should do a clean install because who knows what you've mixed up at this point. Also in the NVR readme, I explain the best way to do this.

    Question: How do I make two copies of GTAV to play with mods and also play GTA Online?

    Answer: You need two separate folders. You can name one folder "Grand Theft Auto V Online" while your modded folder is called "Grand Theft Auto V". When you want to play online, name the modded folder "Grand Theft Auto V Modded" and rename the GTA Online folder "Grand Theft Auto V". You basically just switch back and forth with names. Both Steam and Social Club will detect the folder named "Grand Theft Auto V" when you launch your game, so it makes sense to rename your folders every now and then depending on what you feel like playing.

    @puppyshark Will be addressed in the next update.

    @XanderVixon Remove the atmosphere.asi script and then re-install only the NVR .oiv file.

    @CurlyHead Try deleting your settings.xml file from "C:\Users\PC\Documents\Rockstar Games\Social Club" and then configure your new settings by launching the game. If you want your screenshots to look as good as mine, then you need to enable NVIDIA DSR and select 2.25x or 4.00x resolutions. Then go in-game and increase your resolution to supersample the game and make it look really good. Alternatively you can use the in-game framescaling option under advanced settings, but I'm not a fan of that because it doesn't get rid of all the aliasing.

    December 25, 2017