Better Chases + Arrest Warrant 1.2

Better Chases + Arrest Warrant contains a few modules that make the police of San Andreas more professional in their job of getting you, plus the revival of the old Arrest Warrant script, rewriten from scratch and with more features!

Check the two first videos to see an example of how the script works.

Arrest Warrant Features
  • Realistic Identification & Recognition (cops require LOS)
  • Dynamic HUD showing you what the cops know, and if you're in danger
  • Dynamic Warrant Length, bases on how many stars you had when escaped
  • Cops will investigate if you or your car match the Warrant
  • You can avoid being identified by wearing masks, helmets or driving a vehicle with tinted windows. Ducking inside a vehicle also works.

Better Chases Features
  • Cops now require PIT authorization to ram you
  • They also require Lethal Force authorization to start shooting at you
  • Your actions now prompt an adequate response from the police, from PIT/Lethal Force authorization to a higher wanted level
  • No matter how high your Wanted Level is, you can surrender by pressing E while standing still, provided there is a cop nearby.

  • PDF Guide, detailing the script features.
  • Ingame menu to customize your experience (Default key: Add (+), changeable).
  • Both modules are compatible with RDE and FiveStaResponse.

"Better Chases.dll", "NativeUI.dll" & "BetterChasesConfig.xml" go to the scripts folder.
If you don't have one, create it.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
NativeUI 1.6.1 (Included)

Q: Why are the both scripts merged into one single file?
A: Performance optimization. Both scripts work with police NPCs and calculate cop LOS to the player.

Q: Can I disable one of the modules if I don't want it?
A: Yes. Use the Ingame menu (Add).

Q: Does Arrest Warrant work with multiple characters?
A: Sadly, no. If you change characters and get Wanted while an arrest warrant is active for the other character, it will be overriden. There are no plans on fixing this for now, it would be too complex to handle.

Q: Is this compatible with Police Killer?
A: No, sorry. Both Police Killer and Better Chases take control over the Wanted Level and conflict.

A: No.

Q: Can you change the Arrest Warrant timer to Ingame time? So we can wait out the warrant by waiting ingame (sleeping, passing time in the hospital).
A: Haven't figured how to do it as of now. If I learn how it's done, be sure it will be changed.

Future plans (I can't promise anything)
  • Raids.
  • Weapon removal when you are arrested.
  • Special units for Better Chases.
  • Bribes.


1.1: Fixed masks for Trevor & Michael.
1.2: Fixed some typos and a crash issue wth SHV.NET 2.6.
First Uploaded: February 20, 2016
Last Updated: March 28, 2016
Last Downloaded: 40 minutes ago

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  • D21c6a growing stronger
    Pinned Comment

    1.2 Fixes some typos, crash issues and some parts of the menu not saving correctly.

    I haven't had time to playtest this version to make sure everything works, so If you find that something breaks, let me know. You have a backup of the earlier versions in the description, too.

    March 28, 2016
  • Default

    Awesome mod, however I get big lag spikes (20FPS reduction) when wanted and in close proximity to the Police. Please can you help?

    September 28, 2016
  • Default

    OKAY I QUIT!!! I tried everything, uninstalling and reinstalling all the required installation, the mod, and the bloody game, tried to put it in scripts, put it on the main files, EVERYTHING, STILL CAN"T FUCKING WORK!!! 0/10 worst mod ever, CAN'T EVEN FUCKING PLAY IT!!!

    October 01, 2016
  • 41a912 star wars death star ii fathead wall graphic 2

    Good mod

    October 08, 2016
  • Default

    Great mod, thank u! One annoying thing: cops keep shooting stun guns at me endlessly, while i'm convulsing on the ground, so i have to load my game over and over again after non lethal chase.

    October 08, 2016
  • 74fcc6

    This is a truly fanstastic addition to the single player experience. It adds a whole new level of realism that I love. My only complaint is that it causes some performance issues. Sometimes it's not bad at all, and other times I get a bit of lag that results in a slight jitter. I'm not sure why, but I hope that this will continue to be optomized because this is probably my favorite SP mod. The better chases alone with police using tasers is awesome enough. And the sulituational awareness eheb they go from unlethal to lethal is brilliant. Thanks so much!

    October 12, 2016
  • 74fcc6

    @Eddlm I'm sure you're busy but I was wondering if you would at all be interested in showing me how to create a simple script? I'm looking to create a script that works a bit like the warrants part of this, but just about stealing cars. I would like to set up a script where you can get a one star warrant if seen in a stolen vehicle (like in online), but I want there to be a slower recognition rather than instant recognition like in this script. I've done a lot of vehicle and file modding, but I don't know how to create my own script yet. Again, I'm sure you've got your own things going on but I thought I'd ask. Thanks!

    October 12, 2016
  • Gtav76

    Is it possible that the military may use their rifles to arrest ?. The military uses Pistols to arrest you when you're in a car and I do not like.

    October 14, 2016
  • 74fcc6

    Is there a chance that we will see a performance update on this mod at all? It seems the arrest warrant really causes stuttering at certain times during a wanted level. It seems like the closer I am to the cops the more it stutters, the further away, it's fine. Without both running and just better chases, it works fine. It's just with the two enabled it causes lag.

    October 18, 2016
  • 74fcc6

    Okay, I misspoke. Sadly, it causes performance issues even when only better chases is running. I absolutely love this mod but it causes just too much lag right now.

    October 19, 2016
  • 74fcc6

    Last post, I swear. So, it seems it's actually better chases that causes the large performance drops. Using arrest warrants on its own runs fine, but with better chases it lags. I'm guessing it's because it's tampering and constraining the vanilla AI causing more strain on the system? Anyway, it's a bummer because it's a great feature.

    October 19, 2016
  • 1fb6fa rog avatar

    @Eddlm Nice mod! Can you please replace the LSPD text and logo (In the menu and notification) by the LAPD text and logo, or maybe give us the choice of LAPS or LSPD. I have every police car texture switched to LAPD, it's just for the game immersion. Thank you.

    October 25, 2016
  • Wade

    @Eddlm this mod is awesome, especially with RDE, but i really can't understand why 5 stars require shooting from tank. I'm doing a really hard time for cops, or better be said, apocalyptic chaos in LS without tanks, and it would be really awesome if you add option to get 5 stars by killing many cops or destroying huge amount of cars\property.

    October 30, 2016
  • Wade

    Oh, forgot one thing to say: can you please make trigger to disable gang activity attention? While GangTurfMod is active, i'm 3-stars-wanted almost forever )

    October 31, 2016
  • 74fcc6

    @Eddlm When I'm just playing with arrest warrant enabled, I get a warrant while I'm being chased, but as soon as I lose the cops, I get the message that my warrant has been lifted, and so there is no warrant penalty. When I'm playing with both enabled, it works fine, but as better chases causes me a lot of lag, I only want to play with arrest warrant. Would you be able to look into this please?

    November 04, 2016
  • Default

    i hope you can answer me on these questions i have few scripts installed id like to hear if they can be used with this mod "1= open interiors mod . 2=fuelscriptsv. 3=prison mod. 4= home invasion." thanks

    November 04, 2016
  • 74fcc6

    @eddlm I was wondering if this mod is dead? It is a wonderful mod, but it hasn't been updated in a while and some of the features don't seem to work properly anymore; and there are performance issues. Are you just busy with RDE right now, or are you no longer supporting this mod? I would just like to be able to at least use arrest warrants, but when I lose the cops, my warrant is always lifted no matter what wanted level I was at :(.

    November 05, 2016
  • Default

    work fine, gj. thx

    November 07, 2016
  • Default

    is it possible for police to chase you if they catch you running red light please>

    November 08, 2016
  • Jimmy

    is this stil active working, please say yes !!!

    3 days ago
  • Jimmy

    NativeUI.dll this mod 1.0 / New Native UI.dll 1.7 ?? looks like not compatible ):

    3 days ago
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