Impromptu Races 1.8c

This script greatly benefits from Faster AI Drivers's effects.
Consider installing that mod if you're going to try Impromptu Races to get the best experience.

Traffic variety mods would also be a good idea to install, so you have different cars to race against.

This script lets you race anyone in the GTA V world. You see a nice car you want to race against? Do a burnout near it and challenge its driver!

You will be able to decide the starting and finishing points, simply go to the starting point and wait for your opponent. If you have a waypoint set, that will be the finish line. If not, the game will pick a random place ahead.

The latest version includes bets! You can now make bets with the challenged driver! Depending on the vehicle you have and theirs, they can bet high, low or not at all. The AI actually gains the money bet! This can be useful if you want to take it back. You can either challenge them again and betting higher (they will have more money so they will allow higher bets) or, you know, you can just kill him.

Visual C++
NativeUI 1.5

Put "ImpromptuRaces.dll" and "impromptu_races.ini inside the Grand Theft Auto V/Scripts folder.

To start a race, do a burnout / honk near a vehicle.

------ "BUGS" ------
No matter how many times you challenge a driver, he will have money, due to the script giving them more money if they don't have enough to bet again.

------ CHANGELOG ------

- Drastically improved Brake AI helper, the AI cars will now actually brake instead of magic stopping them.
- Improved AI Helpers in general, granting more general stability to the AI cars.

- Fixed incompatiblity with Drift On Demand.

- Changed max betting to 2.000$ Only Supercars allow for this, lower tier cars have the bet capped to something lower.
- Added various AI helpers to make the races more fair.
- Added a Nitro ability for the NPCs, with some tweaks to allow them use it inteligently.
They will only use nitro if you have Realistic Nitro or TurboSystemV installed (auto-detected).
First Uploaded: August 23, 2015
Last Updated: September 06, 2016
Last Downloaded: 24 minutes ago

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  • D21c6a growing stronger
    Pinned Comment

    @jorgitouribe https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/faster-ai-drivers
    Here it is, hope you people enjoy it.

    September 28, 2015
  • Gtao01

    @Eddlm i press - or + on keyboard to try and make bets but there is nothing happening every thing works except and if u read plz tell me how to fix it cuz i like this mod :)

    September 24, 2016
  • Default

    Great mod but how do you stop a race?

    September 24, 2016
  • Default

    this really needs a way to cancel the race in case you mistakenly challenged someone etc... or how about just driving away and ignoring the guy cancels it?

    September 25, 2016
  • D0f158 bd8 ghjcqaannhw (1)

    @Trucktheusa just start somewhere and set a waypoint which will be the finish line, but remember AI do not know that the stunt map is there

    September 25, 2016
  • Default

    @Eddlm Can you add an option for the ai to use the nitro or not to use

    September 28, 2016
  • Default

    Does the races work like NFS when you get a prompt to start and in order to when you have to stay in front of that person for a number of secs/minute

    October 14, 2016
  • Default

    Brilliant mod, but i'm wondering if there could be any way to make it more compatible with KillaTomate's RealisticDrivingV - perhaps some way of enabling AI race opponents to cheat with improved grip or something?

    I've tried simply raising the global braking forces for all vehicles, but without raising the traction too (which would totally ruin the handling mod), they simply brake too late regardless, over-cooking every turn.

    Given that the AI's racing viability depends on the R* handling defaults - especially grip, it seems - a temporary traction boost for opponents during the race could be the simplest solution..

    October 20, 2016
  • Default

    @MrVibrating Agreed AI is horrible at breaking with any handling mod.
    When things start to get good the AI crashes thier car and usually die or roll off a hill or cliff.
    I also wouldn't mind helpers for them when it comes to cornering and braking.
    Just don't bother acceleration and top speed.
    Since I like to race against the handling lines I create and benchmark performance specs

    October 20, 2016
  • Default

    @rastakilla ..similar to what i do - customise cars using a trainer, then *race against them.

    *ie. pick my way through their trail of destruction then rubberneck as they go up in flames..

    S'all good tho..

    October 21, 2016
  • Default

    @MrVibrating Ah you too yes??
    Check out the thread I made about an AI Recorder for GTAV.

    October 21, 2016
  • Default


    OMG i think you may have found the last and final mod i'd ever need..

    Circumventing the limits of AI entirely, and racing against your own 'ghost' replays?

    I already have multimonitor, headtracking, full direct car control and detailed FFB wheel via ikt and InfamaousSabre's mods... but it just means i have to race crap cars against faster ones for any competition. This would be the ideal solution, i could race supercars against each other with human precision... how cool would that be?

    Just thought of a temporary workaround, for now - gonna restore default handling to most of the DLC cars that i never drive anyway, just for something to race against..

    October 21, 2016
  • Default

    @MrVibrating I play GTA V in
    3D Vision
    IKT Manual Transmission
    Fast AI Drivers
    Simcade Handling
    Inverse Power
    FOV Mod
    Impromptu Races
    Better Street Races
    Drag Race Meets

    With this precise setup I actually enjoy racing in GTAV in 3D more than Forza Horizion 3
    I had stumbled upon that AI Recorder a couple years back in GTAIV.
    I actually tuned the AI files to 100 accurately playback my recordings to the T.
    Even drifting as you can see in the video.
    It worked great for roll racing on the highway and also doing vehicle fly bys in tunnels with modded engine sounds in GTAIV.

    I will do the same use default handling and copy paste the handlings lines for the cars I wanna race with. As long as you keep Fast AI Drivers to knock off the top speed cap on AI racers on straights you should be good.
    Or you can just experiment with brake force values since that is the main issue AI has driving these modded handling lines.
    Also I'm using an older version of impromptu races without any AI helpers because I like to do acceleration test me with wheel/manual transmission setup vs AI shifting directly based off my handling values.

    October 21, 2016
  • Default


    I've only got half those mods installed so looking up the others now, cheers for the heads up..

    Would like to try 3D by only have 60 Hz screens.. using a 2*3 array via a pair of Matrox TH2G's, F430 wheel and pedals, TrackIR via FreePIE, faster AI drivers, IKT Manny Tranny, Inverse Power, Custom Steering, Flawless for FoV, Impromptu Races, Enhanced Taxi Missions, + various trainers and speedos etc. Looking forward to playing this in VR one day, must be pretty boss in 3D tho..!

    October 22, 2016
  • Default

    @MrVibrating Yea I own 3D Vision and Occulus Rift.....I play it in 1440p 3D which is beautiful the car mods look amazing especially interiors at night lit up speedos.

    As for VR ehhhh....you have to use VorpX which isn't a good native experience.
    It looks like crap honestly
    Now VR in Assetto Corsa and Project Cars is amazing.

    October 22, 2016
  • Default

    When I do a burnout and press W+S, impromptu races starts. The flag icon appears and it sets a car to races with me. Can I make the toggle to be only the horn, E?

    October 24, 2016
  • Default


    Did you ever go back to vanilla handling for the AI???

    November 07, 2016
  • Default


    Did for a week or so - done what you suggested, added Killatomate's handling for the few cars i mostly use, to the vanilla handling meta.

    It's a good workaround, since OpenIV causes any and all entries the main handling.meta in mods/update.rpf to supercede any others anywhere - so you don't need to maintain separate handling.meta's for all the DLC vehicles, just paste your new entry into the main handling.meta and you can ignore the DLC files.. this is the technique Killatomate's using, so you only have to maintain the one single file.

    And it works a treat for Impromptu Races. I also installed the Community Races mod, deleted all the races that came with it and installed one called "the run", an epic 40-car race around the full map.. there's also a destruction derby race for the horse track that's good fun..

    So yeah, with vanilla handling for all the other cars, the AI make half-decent competitors. The "all peds / cars invincible" options in ENT help, too.

    Gone back to just using Killatomate's handling for now, though.. as getting into any car with R*'s Tonka physics is kind of a jarring immersion-breaker...

    If ENT can make all other cars except yours invincible, it's probably possible to set a flag that gives all AI cars super-traction, too. Then you could just toggle it on any time you want a challenge, and leave it off the rest of the time..

    Might make a request for this on the suggestions forum..

    November 08, 2016
  • Default

    @MrVibrating Wow thanks I really needed that for peds/AI destroying thier cars and limping down the road.

    November 08, 2016
  • Default

    don,t work

    November 14, 2016
  • Default

    How do I get a scripts folder

    9 days ago
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