Real Airport V [OIV] 2.06



This mod aims to change all possible airport textures to real life counter parts in order to make the aiport appear more like real life. Features of this mod include a Hertz and Dollar rent a car lot, real life billboards, rental company themed airport bus and shuttle, american airlines themed airport vehicles and United and Delta airlines hangers in the airport,

If you experience any issues with the oiv install copy the install log and paste the text into a comment.

How To Install- Extract the file, then open OpenIV and click on the tools tab and select package installer then select the real airport V.oiv and all textures will be installed for you

.Make sure to use a mods folder in Open IV

Current Goal
Increase resolution of all changed textures

Version List
V1.01- Initial Release
V1.02- Adds real life airline nameboards
V1.03- Airtug and ripely textures to be american airlines themed & OIV easy install added
V1.04- Couple of new billboards added
V1.05- Added another rental car lot which is dollar rent a car themed and also fixed some lods
V1.06- Added more billboards and texture changes
V1.07- Adds new billboards and United airlines hanger
V1.08- New Delta Airlines hanger. Also added are fedex, ups and american postal service buildings
V1.09- Fixed texture error
V2.00- Added FedEx Warehouse
v2.01- Fixed .OIV Error/Crash
V2.02- fixed errors and improved instructions, new icon
V2.03- added more billboards, fixed overlapping Hertz texture
V2.04- Added Crowne Plaza Hotel in airport
V2.05- Improved quality of some billboards
V2.06- Updated Billboards to more current adverts, increased quality of older textures
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First Uploaded: August 13, 2016
Last Updated: February 16, 2017
Last Downloaded: 2 hours ago

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 2.06 (current)

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  • 48cc11 cac60chc131a021001

    @CAMMYx make real subway textures and bus station and buses and trains with template


    August 14, 2016
  • Default

    awesome mod, you should make the other car rental behind the bridge into another hire place in los angeles :)

    August 17, 2016
  • 9c6f3e police (2)

    @CAMMYx Hi! Very good!
    Would you accept to add Air France to the group of vehicles of the airport?
    This would be great!

    August 19, 2016
  • Trevor3

    Great mod! But, the word in v2.00 change is incorrect! It should be Warehouse, not Wearhouse. Lol! 5 stars, though!!!

    August 21, 2016
  • 351ee8 10616116 334656040045083 2299751456261336885 n

    this is why i never use oiv to install any mods...manual all day everyday

    August 21, 2016
  • 73b223 liberty walk 458 rotiform nitto

    what is up with open iv crash on oiv install

    August 22, 2016
  • Default

    How can I uninstall it? After installing this mod I have a big hole in the middle of the town -.-

    August 22, 2016
  • C80d94 2802698

    @CAMMYx Hey! how can i Uninstall? I love this but i have lag with the mod.. and i dont know how to delete. PLease can you help mee?

    September 03, 2016
  • Default

    @cammyx can u make a LA airport vehicle fleet texture ?

    September 04, 2016
  • Ac5e51 12920457 646710705469148 7212705775092204100 n

    Hats off to you sir !
    Could you make a 512x512 version?

    September 07, 2016
  • D30a12 trevor4

    @sebicope @Toby18 : The only way to get no errors after editing or retexture things in openiv is to have a backup of the original or good working rpf files. So if you make changes with openiv then make first a backup of the rpf files that you have in the mods folder.

    September 07, 2016
  • 2c3581 husky

    This is very nice to have. i really recomend it to add realism to the game. thanks for sharing it @CAMMYx.

    September 24, 2016
  • C15faa 16 09 04 07 54 34 659 deco

    Very awesome! I did notice that the UPS textures from far to close up don't line up well... Can u fix this? I love all things about airports and aviation in GTA so thank you sir!

    October 04, 2016
  • C8cda5 17634600 1898783103735959 2325181916274121064 n

    @CAMMYx Did you know the textures location of the big hangar (in Heist map update) in Zancudo Air Base 0101 in openIV ? I would like to change the old gen star texture to modern USAF logo. Thx =)

    November 23, 2016
  • Gtao47

    Aw, I thought this mod meant it would make the airport operational. Like where you could take an airplane to blaine county or something

    February 15, 2017
  • Default

    you should expand this to all ads and billborads in san andreas

    February 16, 2017
  • C97452 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ren trans

    Looking very promising indeed!

    February 16, 2017
  • 90006e jordiv2

    if someone has holes then look at the modded .rpf's
    some might be corrupted , to fix them just replace them with original ones and reinstall the mod

    February 16, 2017
  • Ea72ed eminem   forum 1

    Good job, thanks.

    March 29, 2017
  • B4a28d download

    could you maybe somehow make it thatt more planes are arriving/starting?
    Your predcessor had an option like this, but now his mod is outdated and corrupt!

    May 17, 2017
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