Advanced Anchor 2.0

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This mod will allow you to drop an anchor on boats, jetskis, seaplanes, submersibles and amphibious helicopters to keep them in place. No more vanished or despawned vehicles when resurfacing from diving.


• Auto anchor mode
• Manual anchor mode
• Map markers for anchored vehicles
• Anchor sound effects


- Latest Script Hook V
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x64)


1. Install ScriptHook V
2. Copy "AdvancedAnchor.asi" and "AdvancedAnchor.ini" into the GTA 5 root directory, where GTA5.exe is located.


The mod can be configured by editing the "AdvancedAnchor.ini" file. Each setting is explained in the ini file

Anchor behavior

In auto-anchor-mode, the anchor will be dropped automatically when the player leaves the vehicle and retrieved when the player enters the vehicle.

In manual-anchor-mode, a key must be pressed (while inside of the boat) to drop or retrieve the anchor. If anchor key is pressed while driving, the vehicle will perform an emergency stop.

Auto-anchor-mode and manual-anchor-mode can also be configured to be used simultaneously, e.g. drop anchor manually but retrieve automatically (check configuration file for more info)

Known issues

When a submersible is anchored submerged, it can be difficult to get back in, because the game expects the vehicle at sea level which can cause some animation glitches when trying to enter the vehicle. To workaround this issue you can hold down the 'Enter-vehicle' key on your keyboard or controller to get teleported to the driver seat of the nearest anchored submersible.


Version 2.0
- Submersibles can be anchored submerged
- Adds ability to anchor amphibious helicopters
- Add help messages
- Partial controller support

Version 1.5
- Adds ability to anchor seaplanes

Version 1.0
- Adds ability to anchor boats, jetskis and submersibles

Thanks to Jitnaught's Rope Creator mod. This mod helped me to learn how the Rope API works.
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First Uploaded: July 16, 2019
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