LS Crews [.NET] 0.20 (LemonUI Update)



LS Crews is a continuation of Toyota12345's "Hire a Crew" Mod. His mod was discontinued and the source code was available, so I decided to bring the mod back to life as a further improved version. Essentially Rewritten/Reimagined.

Visit the original here: Hire a Crew by Toyota12345

LS Crews currently has compatibility issues with LS Life & Cops on Patrol

Latest Script Hook V
Latest Script Hook V .NET
Lemon UI (As of v0.20)

Drag LS Crews.dll & LS Crews.ini into your scripts folder in your GTA V Directory, that is all.


Compared to Toyota12345's version, this one comes with more selections. There are 5 Crews in total to hire.

  • Trusty Bodyguards [$1,000] (New Addition to LS Crews)

  • Bugstar's Crew [$5,000] (Original Crew but Tweaked Stats)

  • Heist Crew [$15,000] (Original Crew but Tweaked Stats, Wardrobe, & Location)

  • Special Forces [$25,000] (New Addition to LS Crews)

  • Juggernauts [$50,000] (New Addition to LS Crews)

more to come (prices adjustable via .ini)


Each crew has its own stats, it's easier to stick them in a class rank, so I'll do that here.

  • (S) Juggernauts

  • (A) Special Forces

  • (B) Heist Crew

  • (C) Bugstar's Crew

  • (D) Trusty Bodyguards


  • Juggernauts Have Miniguns, with one having a Grenade Launcher, essentially tanks in terms of stats

  • Special Forces are equipped with Silenced MK2 Weapons, they have a bit more health and armor than heist crew members

  • Heist Crew Members have Assault Rifles, a lower-tier version of Special Forces (1/5 chance to spawn with all MGs)

  • Bugstar's Crew Members have SMGs & Shotguns, a lower-tier version of Heist Crew

  • Trusty Bodyguards have Pistols (1/5 chance to spawn with all AP Pistols)


  • Future Update - Will add a configurable .ini file for everyone to adjust costs to purchase soon. ✅

  • Future Update - Gun Vendors at each location with adjustable prices via .ini ✅

  • Future Gang Update - The Lost, Ballas, Vagos, Families, Triads

  • Future Warriors Update - If anyone has ever seen the movie or played the game Warriors, you'll know what this is

  • Future PAYDAY Update - Hopefully get DITM's permission to use his Payday masks and create a Payday style crew


Lag occurs when getting near Special Forces & Heist Crew area. ✅

Changing Player Model completely disrupts the script, forcing the user to INS reload.

The script is currently having compatibility issues with LS Life, and other scripts.




    Reworked the Refund System (If one/two of your crew members die, refund is cut)

    Added a configurable .INI File

    Added a new addition 'Vendors' to each crew location, with the option to adjust weapon prices via .INI

    Grammatical errors fixed, adjusted text formats and didn't bold everything this time.

    Fixed Ped Health


    Added two new crews

    Peds have blips

    Different blip sprite and blips also disappear on death

    You can only hire one crew at a time, this is why the refund feature exists just in case your crew isn't dead yet, or you made an accidental purchase (highly unlikely)

    If your crew dies, the option to purchase comes back

    Added a lot of stability fixes that had some flaws in the old script

    Peds no longer writhe when getting shot, they also have infinite ammo
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