Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support v4.1.3-b944.2

Development will probably not continue before February 2017
I'll still regularly check this page for bug reports and stuff though, but I won't be able to actively help you for the time being.

Manual Transmission for GTA V
This mod will enable manual transmission for vehicles, using the games' real gear box! This means real gears - not speed capping. There are plenty of features to emulate how real transmissions work.

Steering Wheel Support for GTA V
Additionally, this mod has full support for steering wheels since version 4.0! All steering wheels properly compatible with DirectInput should work. Force feedback is fully supported. Steering wheel support is always turned on, so it also works without manual transmission!

  • Controller, keyboard and wheel input support
  • Support for all land-based engine-powered vehicles
  • Fully configurable
  • Common transmission systems:
    • Sequential gearbox
    • H-pattern gearbox
    • Automatic gearbox

  • Dynamic top gear detection
  • Reverse with accelerator
  • Engine and transmission mechanics:
    • Engine braking
    • Engine damage
    • Engine stalling
    • Clutch grabbing

  • DirectInput Steering Wheel support:
    • All analog inputs
    • All buttons and Dpad
    • Full Force Feedback supported
    • Accurate understeer and oversteer
    • Works even when mod is off
    • Assign wheel buttons to keyboard buttons

  • Seamless input device switching

Extract Gears.asi and Gears.ini to your GTA V main folder. Configure the ini however you like, please read Configuration.pdf for this. The .ini itself also contains useful information.
Important note for non-QWERTY users! Change Throttle under "Keyboard" in Gears.ini to match your keyboard locale for throttle and brake. This is needed for correct reverse/brake processing.
Important note for wheel users! Do change your wheel axes, axis ranges and bottons in Gears.ini! Use Joystick.exe as reference for which button has which number, and what values the axes report.


Essential for wheel users
Custom Steering


Controls also viewable in Gears.ini.

Recommended mods
Speedometer by LeFix
NFS Gauge by XMOD
Custom Steering by InfamousSabre for proper wheel mapping
Simcade Handling by Chang63 for handling with wheel. (No understeer, no arcade-like grip, good top speeds)
Realistic Driving V by killatomate for handling with wheel. (Realistic/Accurate but hard, lacks DLC handling at this moment)

Any and all feedback is very welcome. Simply post here, post on GTAForums, post on GTA5-Mods forums or message me on Steam if you have anything.

Big thanks to:
Alexander Blade
Everybody else who helped me

Source code available on GitHub
Full changelog available on GitHub

Alternative downloads
Past releases: GitHub Releases
Latest builds: AppVeyor Artifacts (unstable)

* Fix crashing due to stale vehicle pointer

No Gears.ini changes
* Update for v1.0.944.2
* No further changes in this v4.1.3
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First Uploaded: February 01, 2016
Last Updated: December 17, 2016
Last Downloaded: 2 minutes ago

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  • 9efab8 2017 02 22 22 57 20
    Pinned Comment

    So 4.2.0 has been sitting on my GitHub for a while, I've been trying to cobble some GUI together but I can't figure it out.

    What's your preference? Release it like it is and have a hard time setting up, or take my time getting it done? Alternatively, if anybody can do GUIs for Windows in C++, please hit me up on Steam, do something with my GitHub. Mailing is also possible on the address on my GitHub profile.

    5 days ago
  • 95d4f8 justrpfunmods logo

    @RusherRo12 And 4.1.2 is not availible anymore :/

    8 days ago
  • Default

    I'm using a T500rs and whenever I get in a car there's just tons of wheel spin. And the tires just keep spinning. If I press the accelerator the car moves forward extremely slowly and the wheels keep spinning. It's like having the handbrake semi pulled the whole time. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    8 days ago
  • Default

    @JustRPFun-Mods replace only the ini the otherone will crash the game the file should still be there i downloaded it freshly because i lost the file too

    8 days ago
  • 0a6710 nanface

    this works perfectly on my g27 with barely any modification of gears.ini

    but the FFB is really weird and shakes left and right violently if you push it in either direction while sitting idle.

    8 days ago
  • 95d4f8 justrpfunmods logo

    @RusherRo12 Hmm i cant still find the download link of it on the past releases .. Can u upload it on wetransfer with a link plz XD

    7 days ago
  • 95d4f8 justrpfunmods logo

    @RusherRo12 I managed to get the file, but it still does not work with H - pattern and Sequentinal ..

    7 days ago
  • Default

    @IKT How do we get the G27 RPM/Shift Light LEDs to work??

    7 days ago
  • Lts

    @NormalGamer98 I had the same problem, here is the fix:

    search for any action assigned to your 5th gear other than the actual fifth gear option and then delete it.(the extra one) and you might have the problem where your blinkers turn on and off when switching to 4th gear. same fix

    7 days ago
  • Lts

    @NormalGamer98 and btw DONT delete the entire line, just the number

    7 days ago
  • Default

    can someone describe how to get it to run with a thrustmaster t150?

    6 days ago
  • 9efab8 2017 02 22 22 57 20

    Use 4.2.0 :p
    The GUI is not done and the configuration is a bit of a bitch without a proper manager thing, but I don't know how to make a proper GUI for the config tool.

    5 days ago
  • Default

    @ikt why not release it as "beta" or "alpha" for now? Although sadly I'm still getting the "No wheel detected" so wont be able to test anyway. keep up the good work though, it looks amazing

    3 days ago
  • 9efab8 2017 02 22 22 57 20

    @Thundercato It's annoying/hard to set up, sadly. Right now, the process is like this.

    1. Drag 'n drop files to GTA V folder
    2. Launch and close DiUtil.exe in the GTAV/ManualTransmission folder
    3. Check entries for correct device GUID
    4. Add entry in settings_wheel.ini as "DEV[n] = name", "GUID[n] = {GUID STRING}"
    5. For each entry, choose "DEVICE = n" (there are 22!)
    6. Re-launch DiUtil.exe to check axes
    7. Change axis limits for steering, throttle, brake, clutch and handbrake
    8. Finally, go in game and it should work.

    If you think you're up for all this, you can try the latest build on AppVeyor :p

    2 days ago
  • Default

    Cheers @ikt I will give it a try some point this week. I finally managed to get your mod working today. I don't know if you want to put this in the instructions, but I had to run GTA in administrator mode for it to detect the wheel. And for steams version you need to go in to the installation folder and change the exe's to admin mode there even though you launch it through steam as it won't let you launch via the executables.

    The MOD is amazing thought. I have my mates coming round to show it off to them in my custom build enclosed driving rig 👍

    2 days ago
  • Default

    Hi @ikt, I made an account just to post here since I love this mod so much. I only have one gripe, and maybe it's because I'm doing it wrong? But is there any way to reduce the amount of force I have to put on the brake pedal in order to achieve the full braking effect? I have a g920 and the pedals are notoriously stiff, which normally isn't bad, but when I have your mod on with the rolling 1st gear and reverse, I literally have to hold my desk and push down on the pedal to stay at 0. I've tried increasing the BrakeMin to nearly the BrakeMax but it has no effect. Am I doing this wrong? Or is this just not a feature I can change?

    On a side note, are there any alternatives you know of to CustomSteering? Since it broke after import/export I don't see the point in using it.

    1 day ago
  • 9efab8 2017 02 22 22 57 20

    Uh, decreasing brakemax should work in that case. BrakeMin works the other way. I think.

    I'll see if I can also patch the steering correction thing. @InfamousSabre, do you mind this?

    21 hours ago
  • Default

    could you do that you can set button to change h-pattern to sequential to automatic gearbox to like swich between them. im not yet tested this

    20 hours ago
  • Default

    Hey I'm trying to get version 4.2.0 running and I have built the asi from the gears solution and when I loaded into GTA V and got into a car it said I was using the wrong version for the ini files. I checked and the version number is 420 for both of them so I'm not sure what the problem is. Any ideas?

    11 hours ago
  • Default

    I didn't realize I had to have the files inside a folder labeled "ManualTransmission" it works properly now. Thanks dude, this is so cool. Of course the day I finally get to do this with my multiple controller rig, I also get a T300 servo to plug all my stuff into to make a single controller. Just my luck. Either way, this mod is great man.

    10 hours ago
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