Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support v4.1.3-b944.2

Development will probably not continue before February 2017
I'll still regularly check this page for bug reports and stuff though, but I won't be able to actively help you for the time being.

Manual Transmission for GTA V
This mod will enable manual transmission for vehicles, using the games' real gear box! This means real gears - not speed capping. There are plenty of features to emulate how real transmissions work.

Steering Wheel Support for GTA V
Additionally, this mod has full support for steering wheels since version 4.0! All steering wheels properly compatible with DirectInput should work. Force feedback is fully supported. Steering wheel support is always turned on, so it also works without manual transmission!

  • Controller, keyboard and wheel input support
  • Support for all land-based engine-powered vehicles
  • Fully configurable
  • Common transmission systems:
    • Sequential gearbox
    • H-pattern gearbox
    • Automatic gearbox

  • Dynamic top gear detection
  • Reverse with accelerator
  • Engine and transmission mechanics:
    • Engine braking
    • Engine damage
    • Engine stalling
    • Clutch grabbing

  • DirectInput Steering Wheel support:
    • All analog inputs
    • All buttons and Dpad
    • Full Force Feedback supported
    • Accurate understeer and oversteer
    • Works even when mod is off
    • Assign wheel buttons to keyboard buttons

  • Seamless input device switching

Extract Gears.asi and Gears.ini to your GTA V main folder. Configure the ini however you like, please read Configuration.pdf for this. The .ini itself also contains useful information.
Important note for non-QWERTY users! Change Throttle under "Keyboard" in Gears.ini to match your keyboard locale for throttle and brake. This is needed for correct reverse/brake processing.
Important note for wheel users! Do change your wheel axes, axis ranges and bottons in Gears.ini! Use Joystick.exe as reference for which button has which number, and what values the axes report.


Essential for wheel users
Custom Steering


Controls also viewable in Gears.ini.

Recommended mods
Speedometer by LeFix
NFS Gauge by XMOD
Custom Steering by InfamousSabre for proper wheel mapping
Simcade Handling by Chang63 for handling with wheel. (No understeer, no arcade-like grip, good top speeds)
Realistic Driving V by killatomate for handling with wheel. (Realistic/Accurate but hard, lacks DLC handling at this moment)

Any and all feedback is very welcome. Simply post here, post on GTAForums, post on GTA5-Mods forums or message me on Steam if you have anything.

Big thanks to:
Alexander Blade
Everybody else who helped me

Source code available on GitHub
Full changelog available on GitHub

Alternative downloads
Past releases: GitHub Releases
Latest builds: AppVeyor Artifacts (unstable)

* Fix crashing due to stale vehicle pointer

No Gears.ini changes
* Update for v1.0.944.2
* No further changes in this v4.1.3
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First Uploaded: February 01, 2016
Last Updated: December 17, 2016
Last Downloaded: 9 minutes ago

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  • Ee6045 reina 720
    Pinned Comment

    It's been updated. Note that this is 4.1.3 with support for the newest patch, I'm still busy with 4.2.0.

    Some info or help on making a Win32 C++ program with unmanaged C++ classes would be neat.

    December 16, 2016
  • Default

    @mrossama8 i could need your help ^^

    January 07, 2017
  • Lts

    @Necro_mancer I don't think I could help you because I'm not a guy who understands modding and I'm not a modder. but I think that you didn't have the steering wheel connected

    January 08, 2017
  • Lts

    @Necro_mancer and make sure that you have the latest drivers from Logitech

    January 08, 2017
  • Lts

    @Andr3y15 Use The joystick.exe provided with the download to bind the correct keys

    January 08, 2017
  • Default

    @mrossama8 i have the latest drivers from logitech and my wheel still wont get detected

    January 08, 2017
  • Default

    @mrossama8 I forgot to mention i'm on keyboard, does it work for me too ?

    January 09, 2017
  • Lts

    @Andr3y15 I don't think I know whats happening with you, sorry :(

    January 09, 2017
  • Default

    My wheel is working perfectly but my pedals are swapped so my brake pedal is my accelerator and my accelerator pedal is my brake pedal which is very, very annoying.

    January 09, 2017
  • Gtav28

    manual transmission with wheel was working fine but i do not know why is not working now when i shift to gear one and accelerate the car does not move even reverse gear does not move the car but with keyboard its working just fine why? sorry for my bad English

    8 days ago
  • Ee6045 reina 720

    I'm aware of that, not sure if this is fixable. The effect becomes worse when you're going fast and even worse when the car has a lot of grip. Also, when you have strong force feedback.

    8 days ago
  • Lts

    @Mia Townsend does the game say that its in first gear when you shift into it with you shifter? it might be because of the clutch (you have to hold it down and then shift into the desired gear and then release)

    8 days ago
  • Lts

    @Kaarelboy it might be because the mod recognizes the brake and the throttle as the same axis ,ask @ikt about that because I don't know how to fix it , sorry. but I will inform you when I find the solution

    8 days ago
  • Lts

    Throttle = lY
    ThrottleMin = 0
    ThrottleMax = 65535
    Brake = lRz
    BrakeMin = 0
    BrakeMax = 65535
    Clutch = rglSlider0
    ClutchMin = 0
    ClutchMax = 65535
    Steer = lX
    SteerLeft = 0
    SteerRight = 65535
    ClutchDisable = 0
    FFAxis = X
    this is my configuration for the G29, make sure to use the joystick.exe provided with the mod to correctly setup your pedals and wheel. and also your recommended setup might be all the way down in the .ini file.

    8 days ago
  • Gtav28

    @mrossama8 yes in the bottom of the screen it shows gear 1 or R for reverse but car does not move

    7 days ago
  • Franklin2

    Please help me, I have a quantum controller, But the doesn't recognize it and I am not able use my controller to switch gears

    7 days ago
  • Lts

    @Mia Townsend does it rev?

    6 days ago
  • Gtav28

    @mrossama8 no but i deleted mod and installed again(without changing keys configs) and now its working in sequential thanks

    6 days ago
  • Lts

    @Mia Townsend no problem

    6 days ago
  • Default

    One thing I noticed your mod doesn't really use the traction loss of the Inverse Power Mod and Realistic Driving 2.0.
    I have to try extra hard to chirp the tires in anything past 1st gear using Seq or manual mode
    Why is that???
    Even if I grab the the absolute top of first gear and power shift into 2nd I don't have much traction loss.
    As compared to using the controller with your mod turned off high power cars will shred the tires a long time.
    I'm using

    G27 stick and pedal setup
    This mod
    Inverse Power
    Realistic Driving 2.0 with custom Inverse Power ini

    4 days ago
  • Default

    would you might know why the wheel part isnt working with fivereborn? you can do the shifting on controller and keyboard, but when it comes to the wheel it just doesnt work

    4 days ago
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