Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support 4.1.3

Development will probably not continue before February 2017
I'll still regularly check this page for bug reports and stuff though, but I won't be able to actively help you for the time being.

Manual Transmission for GTA V
This mod will enable manual transmission for vehicles, using the games' real gear box! This means real gears - not speed capping. There are plenty of features to emulate how real transmissions work.

Steering Wheel Support for GTA V
Additionally, this mod has full support for steering wheels since version 4.0! All steering wheels properly compatible with DirectInput should work. Force feedback is fully supported. Steering wheel support is always turned on, so it also works without manual transmission!

  • Controller, keyboard and wheel input support
  • Support for all land-based engine-powered vehicles
  • Fully configurable
  • Common transmission systems:
    • Sequential gearbox
    • H-pattern gearbox
    • Automatic gearbox

  • Dynamic top gear detection
  • Reverse with accelerator
  • Engine and transmission mechanics:
    • Engine braking
    • Engine damage
    • Engine stalling
    • Clutch grabbing

  • DirectInput Steering Wheel support:
    • All analog inputs
    • All buttons and Dpad
    • Full Force Feedback supported
    • Accurate understeer and oversteer
    • Works even when mod is off
    • Assign wheel buttons to keyboard buttons

  • Seamless input device switching

Extract Gears.asi and Gears.ini to your GTA V main folder. Configure the ini however you like, please read Configuration.pdf for this. The .ini itself also contains useful information.
Important note for non-QWERTY users! Change Throttle under "Keyboard" in Gears.ini to match your keyboard locale for throttle and brake. This is needed for correct reverse/brake processing.
Important note for wheel users! Do change your wheel axes, axis ranges and bottons in Gears.ini! Use Joystick.exe as reference for which button has which number, and what values the axes report.


Essential for wheel users
Custom Steering


Controls also viewable in Gears.ini.

Recommended mods
Speedometer by LeFix
NFS Gauge by XMOD
Custom Steering by InfamousSabre for proper wheel mapping
Simcade Handling by Chang63 for handling with wheel. (No understeer, no arcade-like grip, good top speeds)
Realistic Driving V by killatomate for handling with wheel. (Realistic/Accurate but hard, lacks DLC handling at this moment)

Any and all feedback is very welcome. Simply post here, post on GTAForums, post on GTA5-Mods forums or message me on Steam if you have anything.

Big thanks to:
Alexander Blade
Everybody else who helped me

Source code available on GitHub
Full changelog available on GitHub

Alternative downloads
Past releases: GitHub Releases
Latest builds: AppVeyor Artifacts (unstable)

No Gears.ini changes
  • Fix LeFix Speedometer compatibility

No Gears.ini changes
  • Fix clutch not read in car when SimpleBike is on
  • Fix gearbox control still active if player isn't the driver

No Gears.ini changes
  • Fix wheel used in bicycles

This update changes Gears.ini

Feature changes:
  • Add wheel soft lock options
  • Add FFB effects for burst tyres
  • Add detail FFB effects for quads
  • Add AutoGear1 for sequential as option
  • Add gearbox change to Controller layout
  • Experimental: Add support for boats and planes

  • Fix version printing
  • Fix engine revving while braking with steering wheel while rolling back in a non-reverse gear
  • Fix engine revving while braking with steering wheel in reverse near stop
  • Decrease CenterForce faster during oversteer: 0% centerforce @ 20% oversteer
  • Remove dampener adjustment for oversteer
  • Change README format

  • Fix Dpad press register on toggle
  • Print version number

  • Revert XInput 1.4 usage
  • Fix support for older game versions
  • Fix default settings
  • Increase version number for clarity

New things
  • Implement Cross-Script shift mode setting
  • Restore auto look back in reverse gear as option
  • Add color for top gear indicator
  • Change .ini to use human readable keyboard keys
  • Make blinkers self-cancel
  • Use smoother oversteer transition

More small fixes
  • Support for Bikers DLC
  • Fix FFDisable ignored
  • Fix key presses being detected with GTA V in the background
  • Fix Neutral gear still selected when car is in auto in a high gear
  • Fix clutch pedal read in automatic mode (ignore it now)
  • Fix non-working H-shifter mode for motorbikes (skip over it)
  • Replace normal-stop handbrake with another way to keep the car on its place

A few small fixes
  • Fix wheel radio button toggled on reset
  • Fix wheel jerk on reset
  • Fix crash when force feedback can't be initialized
  • Fix jerky reverse animation
  • Disable automatic reversal on motorbikes if `SimpleBike` is turned off
  • Add an option to only show the Neutral gear `N`
  • Change gear `0` display to `R`

This release is primarily focused on making the mod compatible with all wheels.
  • Add DirectInput for almost ALL wheels! All inputs should be supported:
    • All analog input axes
    • All buttons
    • 8 Dpad directions
    • Support for combined pedals
    • Analog ranges fully configurable
    • Clutch can be disabled for 2-pedal wheels

  • Use wheel for driving without manual transmission
    • Force feedback enabled!

  • Add wheel to keyboard assignments
  • Rewrote FFB from scratch
    • More force feedback details on wheel level
    • Better responsiveness
    • Understeer and oversteer conditions for force feedback parameters

  • Included a tool to read the raw axes, to help you configure your wheel
    • A G27 with separate axes example available in Gears.ini
    • A G27 with combined axes example available in Gears.ini

  • Properly re-acquire wheel on mod toggle
  • Removed Logitech specific wheel support

Non-wheel related changes
  • Add an automatic gear box, implemented as R-N-D.
  • Add a hill starting effect, compensating for GTA V’s automatic brakes
  • Allow turning off cross-script communication for CitizenFX-based mods
  • Dropped SimpleReverse
  • Disable engine damage for electric vehicles
  • Add user defined controller analog-as-button trigger value
  • Change onscreen debug text format
  • Increase engine braking strength
  • Enable clutch catching for reverse (driver might play animation weirdly)
  • Fix clutch catching when car is upside down
  • Add engine off toggle for engine button
  • Disable low RPM power loss
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First Uploaded: February 01, 2016
Last Updated: October 22, 2016
Last Downloaded: 8 minutes ago

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  • Ee6045 reina 720
    Pinned Comment

    A multiple devices version is in the works (https://github.com/E66666666/GTAVManualTransmission/tree/MultipleDevices), the general set-up and everything will change. Usage should be similar, once configured, but you should be able to bind any self-identified gaming input (wheels, controllers) to any function. Throttle/Brake/Clutch/Handbrake are limited to axles, the rest is limited to buttons, the H-shifter needs to be one single device, joystick-to-keyboard mapping needs to come from one device. D-pad is still supported.

    The settings are inspired by Assetto Corsa, so you can expect a similar works/doesn't work like AC. Plugging in a device in another USB port will mean you'll need to either re-configure or plug the device back in its originally configured USB port.

    Use the stuff in the preset or configure it yourself.

    7 days ago
  • Default

    @ikt is there a way i can make it so if i want a car to have 9 gears or 10 it can or if i want a car to behave like a cvt it can? i have tons of car mods installed and a few vehicles are supposed to have 9 gears but when i edit it in the handling file it still says theres only 6 but i need it to have 9. any way to change that successfully?

    3 days ago
  • Ee6045 reina 720

    Check if any other key conflicts with those H-shifter positions. The G29 shifter overlaps with some. I'm working on a UI right now but I'm having big problems getting it even to build :(

    Plan is to have a verification thing on the settings for conflicts and interactively settings thing though, but it's gonna take a while.

    GTA V game engine only goes up to 7 gears.

    3 days ago
  • Default

    hey man! is it possible to make shifts on mouse4 and mouse 5? and one more thing, when i click num lock 6 or 4 to change something, it takes alot of time in simple native trainer, like on the vehicle mods or color mod, it takes alott of time. not sure if it is cuz of the gear script tho.

    3 days ago
  • Default

    @ikt theres no way to make it go higher?

    3 days ago
  • Default

    Great mod! I've been tinkering with the config for a while to get my G29 (+H shifter) setup but encountering some issues. I can shift 1-5 just fine, but the RPM in 3-5 seem capped at 2500-3000, so not much speed there. 1 and 2 work as expected with the RPM being able to go to the top of the range, but as soon as I shift to 3, the revs drop to under 3000 and never go back up. Has anyone had this problem and been able to fix it? Thanks.

    2 days ago
  • Ee6045 reina 720

    Does this happen on all vehicles? Trucks have RPM/speed capping based on shift-up intent (because they don't self-cap the speed), but they should do this in the higher ranges too.

    Not unless you mess with more low level stuff but that's something I can't do.

    2 days ago
  • Default

    yeah it happens on all vehicles. Cannot go above 3K RPM in any vehicle at 3rd or higher. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but here's a pastie of my config: http://pastie.org/pastes/10975895/text

    This is also the only mod I'm using, so don't think there's anything conflicting with it. No other controllers plugged in either.

    2 days ago
  • Default

    After some additional toying around, it seems that this is more of a speed cap than rev limit. Some vehicles rev higher than 3K, but none of them go past 53 or so mph.

    2 days ago
  • Ee6045 reina 720

    I can only come up with it hitting my "stop accelerating pls" barrier for trucks, but I'll need to look into this. Try the next version - sorry for any inconvenience, I'm actively working on the multiple input thing right now, rewrote a whole lot of stuff so it might have been fixed in betweenwhile.

    Also what do the throttle/brake values say for the steering wheel? Top right is input data.

    2 days ago
  • Default

    Guessing you mean top left. It says 1. Seems the speed is capped at 53 in auto as well (even with using the 360 controller.)

    2 days ago
  • Default

    @ikt like what low level stuff?

    2 days ago
  • Default

    Great mod, but i have no idea why when i switch to sequential and H mode the car just rev even if i am not in nutural. I cant make it move unless in auto mode. HELP!!!

    2 days ago
  • Default

    Bro also, even if i use the default config, still no hope, all i can do is drive via automatic. Also one problem so as other g29 users, 5th gear shown as 4th. Please help dude, still awesome mod tho

    2 days ago
  • Default

    @ikt I reinstalled the mod and changed the configuration, works fine now. But I desperately want this mod in multiplayer as well, can anyone suggest me any way of doing so. Multifive is no more and gta orange is still under development. Moreover, I am bit reluctant to fiddle with my game fearing getting banned, so anyone who is using this mod in multiplayer kindly help me enjoy the same :)

    1 day ago
  • Ee6045 reina 720

    Do you grasp the concept of a clutch, and reading words?

    I don't support any use of this in Online. FiveReborn might work though the offsets are messed up so it probably doesn't.

    1 day ago
  • Ee6045 reina 720

    Odd, can't reproduce. I'm very busy with a new version anyway so it's probably fixed in there.

    Reversing the game, I can't do this.

    1 day ago
  • Default

    Greetings, ikt!

    Congrats for the EXCELENT mod! I used to have the have the old version that we could set the key by the 0x05, 0x06... (Virtual Key codes, I guess?!). It was possible to set the 4th and the 5th mouse buttons for the ShiftUp and ShiftDown Sequential mode. Sadly I updated my game and then awsome mode became outdated. Well.. 1st thing I did was to check for the newest version. I found it, however, even though it says there is support for these Keys(BROWSER_BACK and BROWSER_FORWARD) they are not working at all. I assume that function is only for KEYBOARD, right? These Keys aren't also for mouse(5-buttons), are they?

    I'm sorry to bother you asking that
    I'll wait anxiously for a soluction/answer,
    Thank you very much for the EXCELENT work/support.
    Best wishes,

    1 day ago
  • Default

    Dude of course i do grasp the concept of a clutch, the case no matter i press the clutch or not, the car just revs no matter on what gear. I can shift still, and if i use keyboard sequential does work and drive, i believe the manual will still work cuz what i think is the problem of the clutch. I read all the words u provided but still, even though with no custom config just the stock, still no hope. My g29 is fine tho

    18 hours ago
  • Ee6045 reina 720

    These are probably the extended keys, I'll look into at least mouse button support. Don't "RMB" and "LMB" work? I'm using the ScriptHookV native solution now because it conflicts less.

    18 hours ago
  • Default


    Thanks for replying me!
    Answering your question, the "RMB" and "LMB" don't work. Is there any other possibility?
    Meanwhile, I'm lookin for information in google, even I don't understand 1 line of programming.

    Best Regards,

    16 hours ago
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