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True Realistic Driving V

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What is this?
-Disables R* powercutting when tyres are slipping in a realistic way. Opposite to inversepower, no additional power/torque is added and the vehicle angle doesn't matter.
-Increases torque in lower gears based on real vehicle gear to torque ratios. GTAV's gearbox doesn't convert torque proportionally to the gear ratios, only the speed. This mod tries to mitigate that..

-Default keys for menu navigation: UP = L; DOWN = K; ENTER(SHOW MENU) = i
-Editing power/torque values in-game by external scripts WILL NOT change Stop!Powercutting physics. You'll have to reset manually in the menu.
-Editing power/torque values by external scripts likely will conflict with Stop!Powercutting
-This mod doesn't remove the power/torque roll-off in high rpm, as that is not powercutting. This might be added in the future.
-Enhanced native trainer incompatible
-You might want to decrease fInitialDriveForce in the handling.meta
-Menu will only open while in a car

Recommended mods:
-True Realistic Driving V by any333
-Realistic Driving V v2.5 by Killatomate
-Drive Modes & Custom Vehicle Cameras [Handling Editor] by stillhere
-Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support by ikt

Modified from: Real Time Handling Editor by ikt

-Initial release
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First Uploaded: April 25, 2020
Last Updated: April 25, 2020
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